Monday, May 9, 2011

Student Led Conferences?

I'd love to meet the educator who came up with this idea - and I have a suspicion that it may have been a teacher.

VC's school held Student Led Conferences last Thursday - all in one day from 10-1. I thought, how could they possibly fit 90 students into that small window of time?  (come to find out it is because the teacher does not have any input - students and parents are the only ones involved).  It was also an awfully inconvenient time.  I had to work.  VC was excited about that since he was dreading the conference and figured it would be a good "out" for him. No dice. The teacher rescheduled for the next day at a time when I could make it. DOH!

Two other students were there with a parent.  We were in the regular classroom, one student was next door and one was out in the hall.

VC is good about informing me about his school work.  The conference was not necessary, but you know you have to go along with these kind of things for appearance sake.  We sat there and played all official and then when the teacher left the room - he was organizing - we would discuss things like the honey badger and what we should have for dinner, to stretch the conference out to 25 minutes.

At the end the teacher asked if we had any questions.  I asked two that even he agreed he did not answer well, and then we were on our way.

At no point did the teacher say anything about VC's performance as a student.

Call me old-fashioned but I think the old timey conferences with parent and teacher worked pretty darn well.  VC and I could have had the student led conference at home with me in my grunge wear.

Does your school hold Student Led Conferences?  Valuable Learning Tool, Waste of Time or Teaching Genius?  Let me rephrase that, OF COURSE IT IS TEACHING GENIUS, because the teacher gets time to organize the room!!!

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