Friday, May 27, 2011

Just When I thought There Was No Inspiration to Be Found on Twitter

A week ago I posted a twitter update that I was going to begin posting inspirational quotes. If you regularly read my twitter feed *I do not recommend it* you know that I rarely post anything inspirational. Yet, there are many who tweet inspirational quotes all day. My post was in jest. I'm not into that sappy kind of stuff and I usually give it only a quick glance in passing. But then, yesterday, along comes this quote from someone I follow on Twitter:

"Work does not have to mean full-time, paid employment to make us whole" - Dilenschneide

F*in Genius!! And the quote could not have come at a more appropriate time when I am having my "full-time job identity crisis." I have no idea who Dilenschneide is - but dude is very wise!!

I've been writing so many comments back to your comments that I forget what I said to who when. If you've already heard me say this, my apologies. Something that has been troubling me <----- something troubling me - no way!!! is that I am looking to be "something." I have this convoluted idea in my head that if I do not have a "profession" I am useless. I know it makes no sense but I can't seem to shake it. Maybe it's my son mentioning that several of the kids at school have parents who are doctors. It is true that 3/4 of his Spanish II classmates have doctors as parents.

There are only 4 kids in his Spanish II class. He is one of them :D

Kidding aside, this is something that eats away at me and I have to let it go. Isn't it weird that we can get consumed with this kind of stuff. Worried that our kid will be the one with the mom "between jobs" or even worse: "coffee shop mom."

I feel like I need to wear a tag stating that "I am very smart it's just that I don't need a stressful job" so people will know.  Maybe I'll put it on etsy!

In all honesty, I'd probably be just as happy as a Walmart greeter as I would putting vicks vapo rub under my nose as I touch people's creepy toes. Have I mentioned I have a foot phobia?

Enjoy your memorial day weekend!! I'll be back with more angst-y posts before you can say "For the love of all things holy, I hope carma doesn't post any more angst-y posts."

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