Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Do Not Cope Well With Change. Period.

Well, I'm on my first week post-work and I am a total stress case. My face which had been looking nice and smooth the past few months has errupted, my gums have been bleeding sporadically, I've had a cold that seems to be settling into another nasty sinus infection and I'm sleeping like crap. Other than that, I seem to be handling the change well :D

Some people are incredibly suited for change and breeze from one thing to the other seamlessly. I can only dream of being that person.

Unfortunately I'll have to settle for Nervous Nellie with bad skin and gums.

I can't seem to get in touch with my professor and I really need to confirm asap if I need to purchase a $120 lab book to go with my $169 text book but she is incommunicado. The clock is ticking and I'd like to order it on Amazon to save a couple bucks.

Got my student ID and it was taken from far away and looks great!!! And we all know that a good looking ID card is a priority. Also got my parking permit so I'll be able to squeeze my Element into the spots meant for a Smart Car. And my citizenship has been verified.

So the technicalities are moving right along. It's the rote memorization of body parts that has me freaking out. I'm guessing that my future pal "Five" probably has read the book from front to back already - but I have yet to open mine in case it is the wrong book and needs to be returned to Amazon.

Oh, and MB has convinced himself I'm going to meet a college student and run off into the sunset.

Such is life. I'll be in a self-imposed media blackout in a few weeks if I can't get a grip on my school work. Other than that I hope to make it around to visit all of you soon.

If you have any tips to get myself on a more even keel, I'm up for suggestions.

P.S. Can you believe the news about that sneaky bastard Arnold Schwarzenegger and the mom who gave botox to her 8 year old? So many things that need to be discussed!! Also, my giveaway is still on! Since I can't win a custom bobblehead, you should enter to win one that looks just like you or someone you love.

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