Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bristol Needs to Fess Up

**I already regret this post -- as my intention was not to add to all the negative hoopla surrounding her surgery; I'm just a big believer in being honest and calling it what it is**


If you are a long-time reader of my blog (long meaning 2+ years) you know that one of my preoccupations is celebrity plastic surgery.  It all began with Kelly Pickler.  You can read about it in one of my most viewed posts here.

I really didn't want to comment on Bristol but her latest press release is just begging for some attention.  I gasped when I first saw the pictures.  I don't care what your politics are, you gotta admit she looks like a completely different person!!!

It makes me sad. I thought she was adorable with her old face. Cute and perky. Now, ho-hum with a Leno chin. I want to cry on her behalf. But I hear she is trilled with the new look so who am I to say...

And in reading some of the comments about her transformation, I nodded in agreement when someone said that they wondered if her son Tripp even recognized her anymore. There has got to be some truth to that. I could see him walking right past her. Again I say that soon no children will be looking like their parents, especially in Hollyweird. Genetic similarities have been completely erased. Soon there will be nothing but duck-lipped plastic parents who have no resemblance to their offspring. Until their offspring turn 20 and assume the "look."

Bristol finally spoke out to admit the obvious, but is saying it is due to medical necessity and was only comprised of corrective jaw surgery. Then how do you explain her higher browline, slimmer nose and narrowed face???

Maybe I need to get some corrective jaw surgery on my nose. If you see me with a new sleek nose in the future - don't ask: medical necessity.

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Coupon Codes said...

I definitely think she looked better before.

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