Thursday, April 7, 2011

Warning: Controversial Blogging Opinion Ahead

As I ponder the enigma that is the "Blog Hop" I am left with few thoughts that I'd like to share. It has been a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious week of blog hopping. I've gained several new "followers" and hosted a fab giveaway ;-) but I've gotta say that between the throngs of comments from the newbies, my heart skipped a beat when interspersed in there was a comment or two from a few of my "regulars" - who are anything BUT regular.

It reminded me of the old adage: "Make New Friends, But Keep the Old......."

Because I'm not an idiot. I know that after the flood of "visiting from UBP" comments subsides so will my blog traffic. How many will ever return - even once- to read another fascinating well thought out post ;-) Don't hit me with the cold harsh truth...

Some pointed out that when following them back with Facebook, I would need to follow via my personal page-not my blog page or that it wouldn't "COUNT" numberwise towards their FB "likes." (I do not do that at this time so if you are only following my Facebook for a personal follow back, please don't bother.*) One sweet person went so far as to apologize for following my FB page via her blog page and re-followed with her personal page. You know what, I'm soooooooooo not concerned with numbers. Follow with whatever page you want whether it "COUNTS" or not.

The whole obsession with numbers is what may eventually turn me away from blogging.

I'm here for the relationships ( if I eventually snag an advertiser or four that will be the icing on the cake). And as I embark on the next journey of my life, this here blog and my "tribe" of regulars who return without enticement or promise of follow back, will be the calm amidst the storm.

And if I someday turn into a "numbers person," feel free to bring this post to my attention, at which time I'll deny, deny, deny ;-)

*this applies only to Facebook, in order to maintain some semblance of anonymity. I'm more than happy to give your blog a follow back. And if you are content with a Facebook blog page follow back, you've got it....

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