Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This 'N That

Yay!! only 2 days to go until I can go return to my regular TV viewing. I made the mistake of turning on the morning shows while working out this am. CBS had their news chick having a "proper tea" with a hat that seriously resembled a plant with leaves dangling in her face. On NBC they were discussing royal jewels and tiaras and on ABC the talk was of kissing on the royal balcony and one of Diana's bridesmaids was showing her dress from back in '81. The one bright spot was the hotties singing a capella in Trafalgar Square. mmmmmmmmm....

The whole gush-fest is about to break me!!! :-O) And did I read it is costing upwards of $34 MILLION!! Can you imagine the amount of impact that amount of cash would make saving those who are starving/destitute around the world?

Getting down off my soapbox now.

As you may surmise, I'm not so much into the "princess thing." When we were little my sister was gaga over Princess Di and collected all sorts of royal crap. She also had a princess lunchbox. My lunchbox was Charlie Brown. We were very different. Anyway, she got up early to watch the wedding and I *gasp* may have too - although my memory on that is foggy. I saw an article on suggestions on how best to prepare for getting up early on Friday morning. Here's a suggestion: Set an Alarm Clock - this is not rocket science!!!!!

Oh, did you catch The Voice last night? I was pleasantly surprised. The singers were fantastic and Christina Aguilera came across as very sane! Frenchie Davis gets a second shot at a recording career which was kinda sweet. I love a good comeback. Unfortunately the "matron" of the group - at 56 - didn't go over as well. Felt a little sorry for her because just maybe I saw myself in her. Wanting a career but knowing this may be your last shot.

I was almost hoping they would not see the singers appearances at all until they were all picked. That would have been a bigger surprise. Did you watch?

I've always had a soft spot for Adam Levine and he was charming. Still kicking myself that I did not go see his Maroon 5 show when it was literally 2 blocks from my house last year. I made the mistake of asking VC if he wanted to go but he said he didn't like their music and then not two weeks later I caught him jammin' out to their newest song :-( MB would not know Maroon 5 vs. The Backstreet Boys so I would have been on my own.

Tomorrow is my orientation at the college. I'm skeered but hoping that when I get there I will bond with my fellow classmates and it will all be one big lovefest and that I'll have some confidence.

Please send me some positive vibes. I've been a little down in the dumps over it all. I picked up one of those physiology and anatomy pocket sized books to review on the trip. Just to get my mind back in working order. It is incredibly overwhelming. VC figured people would think I was some kind of wacko looking at skulls while they were out sunning, but that's how I roll.....

I've bookmarked this article and am going to look towards this woman as a source of inspiration. Even the comments are very encouraging. She hung in there for 40 semesters - surely I can make 2 years???

I know you are probably wishing I would just shut up about it and get on with things. Me too :D

What's new on your end of the blogosphere?

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