Monday, April 11, 2011

How Channing Tatum Learned to Put Down the Toilet Seat & The "Two Stooges"

My life is about to get a lot more challenging (those of you who follow my blog on FB may have heard that I've been accepted to go back to school; I was among the 30 candidates selected!).

I'm in store for a complete lifestyle overhaul which means not stopping to read stories about Channing Tatum on as tempting as they may be. (The title of this post is currently a headline story on I am not kidding) Also gone: staying up really really late and then sleeping late, daytime naps and procrastinating, coddling VC by pampering him with fancy breakfasts in the morning ;-), exercising at about 9:30 am and catching the morning talk shows.) My Gawd, how am I going to be able to handle that, especially since I'm adding commuting downtown to the city in the morning rush hour???

In order that I don't go completely postal, I will need to have a good support team in place.

If only I had more confidence in my support team.

On Thursday I was finishing up at work at which time I received a phone call from home explaining that a pot of oil was left on the stove unattended and that the house was filled with smoke. Woo-hooooo! Just the kind of call I want to receive when I know that I will have to zip home and get VC to track practice.

Here's how it went down. I asked MB earlier in the morning if he could pick up an onion so that I could make spanish rice . I had tried the night before but the last onion had gone bad...

I knew I'd have no time to make it home from work, pick up the onion and cook the rice before having to take VC to track. MB said that he would be able to pick it up and agreed to get the rice started. Super! I would have a relaxing time when I got home from work.

Not so fast!!!

MB called VC on his way home instructing him to start heating up the oil - despite the fact that no vegetables had even been cut up. This was MB's way of hurrying things along so that he would not be late for his one of two skating nights per week.

And you can figure out what happened next. The oil was cooking on high on the stove for who knows how long. Fortunately a lid was in place. The kitchen smoked up and MB rushed the pot outside to see the oil ignite in flames shooting out of the pot.

Yep, there's my support team right there!! This going back to school is going to be a bumpy ride with my crack support team that I am now referring to as the "Two Stooges."

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