Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carma Crumbs: Bits and Pieces of My Brain Activity

My brain has been firing on all cylinders - which is a good thing as I prep to go back to school. Each of these topics is a post in itself (maybe or maybe not) - but I'm just gonna lay them all out there:

I will be without internet access for a few days and it is making me all jittery like I am some drug addict or something; and you know why? Because I'm wondering - what if I win a prize and I can't respond within the 48 hours - not that I have won a blog prize in months but you just never know!! I think an exception needs to be made for Easter Week, just sayin'. However, this may be the perfect opportunity though to live the life I'll need to start living once my studies begin. I'm having bad withdrawal and questioning my decision already. The old and familiar is so much more comfortable.

Did you ever think you would have been happier living in a different age and time? I saw the above sign at the RenFest and it cracked me up but also made me nostalgic for the era before the internet consumed our lives.

Why is it that when I saw that Jill Zarin from the Real Housewives of NY got her nose done and then I saw a recent pic of Rachel Uchitel with what appears to be a new nose that I was consumed once again with celebrity plastic surgery. I don't even WATCH any of the Real Housewives shows. Nobody has their original nose anymore except me!!!!!!

And then Gwyneth cooking this morning on GMA. She was very robotic - and then I googled to see that it is rumored that she has had extensive facial work done. But she was pretending to be like the rest of us doing cooking - I was watching along until she added the roast duck to the stew. YUCK!! Who eats roast duck on a regular basis? I want to like her. I really do. She is now being dubbed the "Next Martha Stewart" although she denies wanting to have a food empire like that. Oh really?

And NeNe Leakes wants to be the next Oprah?? While I admire her spunk on Celebrity Apprentice, she's NO OPRAH. She can't even pretend to be nice. Anyone who gives poor fragile Latoya a verbal beat down is no Oprah.

And then there's Lindsay Lohan (now known as "Lindsay" - playing Victoria Gotti in the upcoming biopic) - uh, could she look any less Italian? And I'm qualified to say this, being half Italian :D

Why is it that when the idiot swerved out into my lane of traffic almost broadsiding me, that she proceeded to drive at a snail's pace? I don't know about you but if I incredibly pissed someone off by almost killing them, I'd be hustling for sure worried that they might kick my a$$. Luckily we still made it to Free Cone Day on time.

And then there's the garbage truck guy who got pissed at me this morning because I was going to drive by before he returned the cart to the curb, so he gave me a shake of the head. One would think that he would be on the look out for cars and wait until they passed to return the cart to the curb but maybe that's just my ignorance.

Speaking of ignorance, why is it that when we are talking to an acquaintance , for instance when stuck in line outside Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's - that I am worried that MB is going to say something stoooopid or that should not be mentioned so I do this nervous laugh the whole time and wish for the line to hurry up.

Why is it that I completely cracked up when an ad for an upcoming show referred to the artist as a "painter and drawer" - seriously, "drawer" - does anybody say that outside of kindergarten students????? It reminds me of some kid show I saw years ago where it said, "my name is Simon and I love to do draaaaawrings."

Why is it that now that we have digital cameras we take 99% more photos of every event resulting in hours putting together the photo album. The photo album time takes longer that the event itself did!!!!!

Many more thoughts but that's enough for now. I'm exhausted. Does this sound like the brain of someone who should be going back to school????

What's going on in your head this week?

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abitnerdy said...

Oh Carma, after reading this, I am glad you went on a fabulous cruise! I think I need to go on a cruise to completely disconnect..... I mean I do but I don't. I once went to the cabins in the middle of no where, that had no internet and no phone reception. It was an amazing time, but we all kept taking out our phone expecting the phone reception to miraculously reappear... but I know what you mean.. about being nostalgic for times sans internet, even if i can't quite fantom myself that way hahaha.

I'm so excited you're taking strides to getting the life you want. :) I admire and <3 you for it girl! You know i'm always here a tweet or an e-mail away for support. :)

Cheers & Sunshine, happy Easter too!

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