Saturday, March 26, 2011

When I Get Old, Don't Let Me Be Like This (note to self)

This morning I had to get up early. Getting up early on a Saturday morning is a BIG thing in itself as there is nothing I enjoy more than sleeping in on a Saturday. Except maybe brownies and cheeseballs and watching Alex Pettyfer on screen and Josh Groban co-hosting Regis and Kelly.

VC mentioned a couple weeks ago that he would like to check out a juggling club an hour and 20 mins away. We finally had a free weekend so I figured we'd better seize the moment. So we hopped in the Element and headed North-ish.

The juggling club meets from 10-12. We got there at about 10:20 after getting delayed by an accident on the highway. It was a damp, chilly morning.

VC quickly headed inside to the warehouse-type building, which I quickly discovered did not not have a heating system. I discovered this because even my butt was freezing after 10 minutes of sitting on the plastic chair. But hey, at least it was indoors....

We noticed there were some people setting up for something in at the other side of the large warehouse-like room. Then I heard someone from the juggling club speaking to one of the woman saying that the juggling club had the building reserved every Saturday from 10-12.

Well, the old biddies couldn't care less because they said the juggling was disruptive and they couldn't handle the noise - (from across the large, cavernous room). They were supposedly setting up for some kind of dance. Old Biddy's group was a "paying group" so that evidently trumped the juggling club.

Here's the thing: there were only 4 jugglers juggling no where near where the set-up was occurring. Yet the old biddies determined that the club must leave immediately, which meant juggling outside in a park somewhere in the chilly damp temperatures for the remaining hour and a half.

I mean really, could people be MORE PETTY. They basically kicked us out. Since we never visited this juggling club before there was not much we could do.

Other than muster a mention that we drove an hour and a half to get there and give them the old evil eye.

Over the years, I've worked on perfecting the evil eye. I gave it to the sound guy as we were leaving. He was the young one who informed us about that the biddies felt the juggling was too noisy/disruptive and he seemed to be siding with them. (Mind you, the jugglers consisted of a mild-mannered middle aged guy, two moms in their thirties and VC.) Dude had one of those huge earrings in his ear. The kind that if he ever decides to remove it he will look like this:

Karma's a b*tch.

End of story: VC (who had strep a few days ago and a nasty cough) - juggled outside in the cold, damp weather for an hour and a half). MB and I went to the local mall to see if we could exchange something. We returned only to discover MB had left his hat in the store. We returned to pick up VC. Drove 15 minutes back to the store and then an hour and a half home. All the while I sang my new theme song:

And then I had to head to work for 3-1/2 hours of exhausting "mingling" ;-)

VC has been sneezing most of the afternoon. Coincidence- I think not.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend my friends :-)

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