Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sick and Tired of Cleaning

I was wasting time on Twitter this morning when I saw someone tweet this link and man, did it touch on a nerve.

Just last night I had out the vacuum cleaner and was cleaning our "office area." What a thankless task.

So much of my time is spent cleaning. After 18 years of being the primary "housekeeper" - I'm burned out and sick of it. I am an intelligent creative being yet that only consumes a fraction of my time compared to cleaning, "straightening up" and organizing. BLECH.

I used to be an incredible cleaning perfectionist. Every week the house was cleaned top to bottom - for sure. My standards have been greatly relaxed over the years, but they are still pretty high compared to most and that eats away at me.

I was mentioning the theory of the woman in the article, that she only cleans when absolutely necessary - to my husband and son and my son immediately chimed in with:

"Mom, you shouldn't clean so much."

Now before you think this is out of the goodness of his heart because he is concerned about dear 'ole mom, it is more likely becuase he is tired of hearing me b*thching and whining about his 1,000 juggling props that litter the office/foyer/family room area.

It is difficult to get motivated to clean when you first have to clear the area you need to vacuum!!!

I know, I know - when he is off to college in a mere 3 years I'll be missing the landmine of juggling props, but in the meantime I need to come up with some type of compromise before I blow a fuse.

Or maybe I'll just take the tactic of the blogger in the article and just clean whenever there is a horrendous mess.

Call before you come and visit.

*if you do click on the link, be sure to read the judgmental comments below the post <--- harsh!!!

1 comment: said...

OMG - Tell me about it! I work from home and I feel like I never stop cleaning up!!! It basically an all-day ritual! Dishes, countertops, floors, just never stop!
I hear your pain!

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