Tuesday, March 15, 2011

People Who Annoy Me, Feeling Secure & Other Misc. Stuff

I've come to realize that there is a particular personality type that grates on my nerves more than most others. It is the person who KNOWS EVERYTHING and needs to inject themselves into EVERY conversation.

I bump into this person once a week in a group setting. Yesterday I was speaking to a friend of mine, following up on a treatment recommendation that we had been speaking about the week before, namely spider vein treatment. *I like to divulge all my imperfections on this blog and it is true, I did have a small patch of tiny spider veins that will hopefully be disappearing within the next 4 to 5 weeks - WOOT!! *

I happened to mention it to my friend last week and she pointed out an area on her calf that she had had since childhood. So this week I brought the card of the vein center I went to. I was handing her the card when Blabby McBlabberson comes in the room and hears us talking and immediately has to blab out really loud "OH, YOU HAVE VEINS" - and then the instructor was walking by and she repeats it "VEINS?" And the 10 other people in the room look over....

Blabby McBlabberson goes on to say that she had really bad veins that were treated with electrolysis and how often she goes and on and on and on.

First, I honestly believe electrolysis was not created for the purpose of treating spider veins. Secondly the doctor I recommended is one of the few in the country with some special vein certification. Third, in the long run the treatment costs less than the 8 visits she is making to her electrolysis person.

So I just whispered to my friend to explore my recommendation and then walked away.

But the thing is this happens EVERY WEEK. She is always finding her way into every conversation. If I mention I get dizzy from spinning like an airplane she is suggesting I take Dramamine and on and on and on...

She means well, but it is so darn annoying I could SCREAM!!!!

>Confession time: I watched Dr. Phil today - during a late morning workout. He had on his Dr. Phil Housewives aka train wrecks in progress. One of the women is my age and is on her sixth marriage.

I do not judge, but my jaw does drop.

One bit of wisdom from today's show: "If you are secure in yourself - everything that others do or say about you will have no impact." NOTE TO SELF: Get Secure quickly.

VC was in his 9th Grade school play over the weekend. Before the first night's show he started getting hoarse and by the second night had a fever, but the show must go on, and didn't he look handsome even if his woodcutter's outfit featured this LOL belt:

I haven't been watching The Bachelor except to see a couple clips here and there. But I did see a quick recap on that late night rewind show, and I don't know, I'm not getting good vibes for Brad and his beloved Emily. Do you think the main attraction was that she is hot with awesome teeth?

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