Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Daily Dilemma

I'm adding a new recurring segment to the blog because, well, um...let's face it, my neurotic self creates a lot of dilemmas!!

Two days ago I received an email from someone who works at the elementary school affiliated with the school VC attends. She was hosting a carnival for her kids' birthdays (4 kids combined party) -

A friend of VC's referred him to her and told her, suggesting he juggling at the event.

I checked with VC and he said he was free that day - so I emailed back that sure, he was available. Like a dope, I did not say up front what his normal "fee" was because I felt awkward doing it. He entertained at another birthday party for a student - and the school disseminated his info after he performed (for free) at a school event in case anybody was interested in hiring him.

Anyway, so I ASS-umed that she would know he normally doesn't do this kind of party for free. Well, then she emailed back after seeing his videos, said he was amazing and asked, "does he charge for coming?"

Then I broke it to her - he normally earns $___ for this type of party but I gave her an OUT by saying, "but if that is not in your budget, surely we can work something out, blah blah blah."

So then she emails back saying the amt is not in her budget but could he do it for this amount, adding "we still have to pay for food." Now his fee is not exorbitant - it is less than $100 and to have a "semi-professional" entertain for an hour, he is well worth every penny IMHO.

He used to do volunteer juggling gigs out the wazoo and then I had a lightbulb moment when I realized how much tiime it was taking me to drive him around and time away from other activities that he could be doing. I have not problem stating that there will be a charge. If they don't want to pay, it is not a big deal as we have a million other things going on. No big loss on our end.

VC juggles to earn spending cash. I do not get a "cut" - hmmm...although now that I think about it....I am constantly acting as his "agent," more like his "free agent" ;-)

Anyway, so VC agreed to the lesser amount and I emailed her back, adding that if she was having "second thoughts" it was not a problem, just to let her know. That way if she really needed the money for food, she would have an easy way to back out.

MB disagrees and said I should not have mentioned it that way to her. What do you think???

As an added complication, VC learned last night that his first track meet is that exact same day :-( so he is going to miss it if he does the party, but we have already agreed so if she still wants to do it, that's that.

P.S. I no sooner typed up this post when she said that she definitely wants VC to come. Her son saw his videos and is super-excited. So maybe my approach wasn't so bad after all ;-)

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Charlotte said...

Personally, I think under $100 is more than reasonable to provide entertainment at a kid's party (and I should know because I used to work entertainment for kiddie parties and I know how much $$ they run!). It's an uncomfortable position to be put in for sure but I've seen your son and that kid has talent! I feel as though if you're not willing to pay for something like that, you shouldn't ask. Just my opinion.

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