Thursday, March 17, 2011

Project Cheeseball --------> It's Back!

I've been feeling very dejected lately. Down in the dumps as I contemplate the real possibility that I may be a full time student in a few weeks. But this is what you wanted Carma? What's your problem???

It's just that I turn into a major stress case when I am in school. Couple that with the thought that I"ll be attending alongside people 25 years younger than me and I'm scared - also lazy - at the thought of all that work.

Did you see this article about the "beauty expert" surmising that Obama has aged a decade in two years??? College for me is tatamount to presidential stress - since I am the EXPERT at manufacturing stress even in situations that might not seem stressful. I don't want to age.

There's only one thing that can cheer me up today - cheeseballs!!! Yes, my Twitter friend Eva sent me this tweet over the weekend: @ejly: @CarmaSez how's life?

So I clicked on over to the link and was elated when I saw this:

Eva's son Elliott rockin' the cheese balls!!!

Elliott with not one but TWO barrels of cheesy goodness!

According to Eva, Elliott is an awesome kid - and that sure looks to be the case :-) Thanks guys for making possible another Project Cheeseball.

If anyone else would like to participate, photos are always welcome!

*for more Project Cheeseball posts and some back story, search "Project Cheeseball" in the box in the upper lefthand corner of my blog.

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Ms.Wasteland said...

If you're that stressed you might need a paypal button for your plastic surgery fund.

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