Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's a Good Thing My Eggs are Old and Useless or I Might Be Tempted to Get Big Bucks for Them / Lacey Schwimmer's Hair

I occasionally listen to a local talk radio station. On the top and bottom of every hour they have a very serious news report which often features special stories not related to local news. Last week I was listening intently when a female reporter came on in her official reporter voice and explained that "with raising costs of tuition, students are doing all they can to raise extra cash - performing laundry service, being designated drivers, participating in lab studies, or donating eggs or sperm."

Come again? Whaaaaaaa? Are that many kids getting through college by donating eggs and sperm?

As you know, I've been contemplating going back to school *bites finger nails* - There will, of course, be some cost involved, but thankfully not as much as if I were to attend a private school. The one thing I have not yet contemplated is selling some of my dried up old lady eggs to pay my tuition. Not that anyone would want them.

C'mon ladies of my age bracket, isn't it depressing when you see those ads for egg donors and the cut-off age is 15 plus years ago? Way to make you feel old and unwanted. Or at least your eggs....

Change of Topic: I think I'm getting bored of DWTS already this season. There. I said it.

Hey, but I learned something last night by browsing the message boards to get some insight into Lacey's Schwimmer's unkempt hair. Do you know that it is officially a style called "ombre" and that many stars like Drew Barrymore, Rachel Bilson are purposely letting their roots grow out so that their hair is one color on top and another on the bottom? Well, color me surprised to hear this!

What do you think of the look?

P.S. Old Biddy update from previous post - Got an email yesterday from the juggling club containing an apology from the director of the parks and rec department apologizing that we were kicked out in the cold. As it turns out the old biddies did not have the place reserved until that AFTERNOON (and they kicked us out at 10:30 am).... Man, now I'm even more fired up!!!!

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