Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Need to Keep a Close Eye on This One

I intended to blog about something entirely different (and probably more interesting) this morning, but then when Yahoo! posted as it's top story the blogging teacher who called her kids a bunch of rude, lazy whiners in a blog post, I had to go with it...

As a blogger and former substitute teacher, I spent a lot of time reading the article and accompanying comments. And there are a boatload!!

The teacher, Natalie Munroe from Central Bucks East High School in PA, didn't use her full name on her blog, she went by Natalie M, never identified the school by name or any of the kids in particular. She was just blogging in general terms like most of us do, yet not she has had to hire an attorney in an attempt to keep her job.

Man, I hope she prevails or it will set a crappy precedent for the rest of us.

During my short-lived time as a substitute, I was shocked at how disrespectful some of the kids could be. Even the second graders walked all over me!!!! And this was at your typical suburban school. I eventually came to the conclusion that I had a well-behaved son at home so why did I want to put up with all this crap from kids who weren't my own. I can sympathize with her for sure. And my substitute stint was over 7 years ago. There has been an even greater cultural shift in the years since and I'm sure there is even more guff dispensed by these "little angels" today.

Ms. Munroe spoke the truth, didn't name names or give specifics and yet she has had to hire an attorney. Blogging just doesn't seem to pay these days does it!! That was some costly venting.

One thing I'm curious about though is how her kids discovered the blog- or did she foolishly point it out to them?? I've gone through some great lengths to hide my info from potential searches. For instance, my last name is not Sez ;-) That way when I do eventually graduate and land my big job I'll be able to keep said job.

P.S. Please send me positive vibes about the school admissions evaluation. There is a still a chance my application won't even be reviewed due to the technicality I blogged about earlier. I'm starting to get bummed that I may be delayed a full year. I need to get started on my life overhaul NOW!!!!

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