Monday, February 14, 2011

My Thoughts on the Grammys

First, thank you for all your birthday wishes!!! They warmed my heart xxoo

and now onto my quickly composed Grammy Thoughts:

(1) Someone needs to alert Lady Gaga that the "horn" look has been done before - by that guy who had them permanently implanted. His pic circulated on the web a couple years ago. Horns are so early 2000's

(2) When an obscure artist that no one has ever heard of wins Best New Artist - UGH. I'm sure the voters were trying to show how high brow and musically aware they were by their choice, but come on!!! In this category I think you should at least recognize who the artist is. I felt bad for the Biebs. I really did.

(3) Mick Jagger is skin and bones and was awkward to watch or hear

(4) The Lady Antebellum song is OK. But 5 Grammys????

(5) and eminem only won two??? I stand by my view that he is a musical genius and one of the few originals left these days. He wuz robbed.

(6) did you see when they panned the audience after Rihanna's skanky performance and no one was standing up or cheering loudly - awkward. Drake is growing on me though. He says lines that make no sense in his lispy way yet he has that certain sex appeal. Very bizarre. Best I don't over-examine it :D

(7) Leann Rimes looked better when she was a little fatter.

(8) Ricky Martin's boots with silver pants tucked in. 'nuff said. He has maintained himself impeccably though.

(9) Bob Dylan. Incredibly scratchy sounding.

(10) When stars are known for a song and it is a very popular song they should sing it THE WAY IT IS. Bruno Mars.

Did you watch the Grammys? What did you think?

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cornflakegirl74 said...

I actually REALLY LOVED the grammys this year. Which I never in a million years expected to say, but I was thoroughly entertained. It reminded me of the way they used to do them, when the focus was on the MUSIC. Granted, I'm not a big fan of what's out these days, but I like being introduced to new artists.

My thoughts: That cute girl who sang with Bruno Mars (she has a song called "Tightrope" but I can't ever remember her name)? FAN-TAS-TIC. I actually liked his performance; had a nice throw-back vibe to it. Rihanna: I don't need to see your bizness. That was... not so good (though I liked the tribal drumming). MUMFORD AND SONS + AVETT BROTHERS ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!! Dylan totally screwed it up (and it pains me to say that).

I kind of loved the Mick Jagger performance (don't kill me). But at that age? He sounds pretty great (and can still run around like crazy!)

Hope you had a very happy birthday!!

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