Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Think I May Have a Problem!

Now that I'm done braggin' on my Most Superb son, it's time to start tackling some of my problems, like this one:

I've been saving these containers in my kitchen cabinet for over a year. I have already found uses for a bunch so the pile was originally even higher.

When my mom comes to visit she likes to reorganize my cabinets. She also loads the dishwasher such that everything is perfectly liked up like marching soldiers, as opposed to our method of haphazardly tossing in the dishes.

She brought to my attention that I have wasted a good part of my cabinet space storing these plastic containers. They are from Sara Lee Honey Ham in case you were wondering. And of course you are wondering, for the same reason I copyrighted the photo -- because there is a HUGE INTEREST in plastic containers ;-)

Do you think I am destined to be featured on Hoarders some day?? Please tell me you also save stuff like this. BTW, if you are an artist they are very handy for use as a paint pallet. Put the lid on and your paints stay fresh for a few days.

My mom has asked if she can have another batch of them, which she periodically does to reduce my collection. I'm surprised she didn't have to rip them out of my grubby plastic container hoarding hands!!!

BTW, if you were used to reading my wordpress blog, I've decided to continue posting there until my hosting expires, and even then I may still continue...I'm wishy washy like that, so if you preferred reading the wordpress site, please re-subscribe if you want :-)

1 comment:

cornflakegirl74 said...

You know... I don't want to alarm you, but I just saw an episode of hoarders where tehy confiscated roughly the same amount of plastic containers :p

I kid. I have the same problem. Sometimes I feel like I don't have enough, and then I open the cabinet and have at least 20 containers in there. What do we need them all for??

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