Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another One of My Obsessions

OK, this is another one of those things I should not admit, but it is a fact: I spend a lot of time googling celebrity nose jobs!!! Part of the reason is that I've always hated my nose and regret not getting the bump removed and tip narrowed when I was young. There is no point in doing it now as everybody already knows what my nose looks like and has looked like for 40+ years. To make myself feel better, I google celebrity nose jobs so that I can see that they are not all natural beauties and that some of their original noses were worse than mine :-O

Those rumored to have had nose jobs:
Halle Berry
Megan Fox
Angelina Jolie
Salma Hayek
Charlize Theron
Marilyn Monroe (one of the first)
Kate Hudson
Heidi Klum
Debra Messing
Winona Rider
Tyra Banks
Nicole Richie
Paris Hilton I could go on. But here's one that really surprised me. Look at Christina Hendricks. BTW, this site is a lot of fun if you ever have a few spare minutes:

Gol-ly That is a Transformation!

Well, Well, so much for the rumored "natural beauty." And now I'm done being catty and can get on with the day.

Ever wish you had had something done when you were young so no one would be the wiser???

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cornflakegirl74 said...

I used to have a huge problem with my nose, too. But I've come to accept it over the years. I have a bump as well (the result of a broken nose when my cousin decided to wrestle me--I was the only girl cousin and there was a LOT of rough housing back then!).

You know, I think Christina Hendricks looks a heck of a lot better pre-transformation. But I prefer the natural look anyway. And your nose is beautiful, Carma! I'm glad to hear you never touched it :)

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