Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Table For One: I'm Having a Pity Party!

[caption id="attachment_4214" align="aligncenter" width="423" caption="It's Pity Party Time!"][/caption]

Do you ever feel like people see you as completely irrelevant considering the way they treat you??? This happens a lot to me and part of it is probably what MB refers to as my "meekness." Heck even one of my own parents refuses to acknowledge my presence and well, you know about the holidays....

There have been a couple things so far this week that have me planning my own pity party. First, I have been waiting for a prize for almost 2 years now. It is something really special to me as it is artwork, and I've been waiting patiently yet periodically "poking" the giver (in a nice way), and said giver PROMISED I would have it for Christmas. Guess what? Nothing.

Tonight is the rehearsal for my recital on Saturday. Normally a few of us carpool together since the location is remote and about a 50 minute drive at night. So I cheerfully sent out a message: "Do you guys want to drive together tomorrow?" to two of my buddies. Ends up it appears they were already planning on going together and that they didn't want to wait around since I am doing a dance they are not doing and it might mean they would have to stay longer at the rehearsal. Many witty quips were exchanged via FB, but I gotta say it hurt my feelings :-( If it was me I would have stayed an extra half hour - or even a full hour or more - for them....

On Sat I'm having a small party for VC. He has only had a handful of parties in his life so I wanted to make it special and yet I am left hunting down RSVP's. UGH.

Am I being overly sensitive? I know I am. But sometimes I just gotta let it out....Do you feel like a unimportant lump sometimes too??

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