Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seeking Your Advice

It has been an exhausting week. I am literally running myself ragged and practically coughed up a lung yesterday (or at least something along the lines of that - I won't explain further in case you are eating.)

Anymucus, my test results made it into the "advanced" category. The hour and a half practice paid off and I aced the english and algebra sections, but absolutely tanked on the science questions, since the topics were so random and technical ranging from biology to the periodic table (chemistry) to possibly physics. It was pretty much a guessing game. But, my overall test score was in the 87th percentile, meaning 13% who took the test did better than me and 86% did worse...

There is an extensive checklist to apply to this program and it is all due on Monday. When I realized my college transcripts had still not arrived, I panicked - I called one college and they are supposedly on their way, but the other college said they never received my request, which was mailed via the USPS. hmmmm...really?...

I spent three hours today trying to figure out how to get Fed-Ex to pick up the package from the school in NJ and deliver it to the new school (at my cost: $32 for a friggin' letter)...

That was all arranged and then I read the requirements closer and I was supposed to send my H.S. transcripts as well - which I didn't dooooo!!!!

My options are to call and beg the high school to arrange for an overnight delivery - or forget it all and wait 'til next year.

Closer inspection of entry requirements shows acceptance it is based on the highest ranking test scores (that's it). Last year there were 120 applicants for the 30 spots and this year even more are anticipated.

Odds are at least 30 people have surpassed my test score in which case scrambling around like a lunatic as I have been doing - between taking the 3-1/2 hour test, doing observation hours on my days off and contacting FedEx <---------- if I ever have to work with them anytime soon just shoot me now.

My question for you: Wait til next year and re-apply, at which time I will be another year closer to death- or continue on as I am doing and be hospitalized by Monday. Nah, but you get the point. If I do the first option I can always take a class or two that is required before I start the program assuming I can get accepted next year.

I'm also looking into another school over an hour away that has the same program but they have yet to get a reply back to my emails or call...Not a good sign.

I'm worn out and wearing myself thin and had to visit the doctor before work to get antibiotics which caused me to be late for work so I was sweatin' that too.

Project "Improve Carma" has hit a snag. Chances are I will either be depressed I didn't go all out to get the HS transcripts- or relieved that I can take my belly dance class as planned tomorrow and not have to drive downtown at night to attend an info session on a program I probably won't get accepted into anyway....

And it's not even a matter of getting the transcripts to them. I would also need to visit the school to get them to make a copy for me after they are scanned in the system, not knowing what time they will all arrive - and you know school bureaucracy.

WWYD, my friends???

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