Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pity Party Update

People have started to RSVP!!!! I swear I am extra-sensitive when it involves VC. I remember as a kid not having many parties and the year we planned a big party for my birthday there was a blizzard so only 2 friends came. The two who came remember it years later as one just mentioned it on FB, but still....

Oh, and I made the long cold drive to the distant location for dance rehearsal by myself. And I got there and realized I had left my purse and cell phone at home. Genius!!! The two girls who slighted me (although I don't think they realized it) were sure looking for my attention though, first for a an opinion on makeup and then to discuss their hair styles. Funny how that works....

Do you ever feel that you never REALLY know who your friends are. Maybe sometimes I am easily suckered in....Let me rephrase that, I am ALWAYS SUCKERED IN. I try to be friendly and find out a lot about people and show an interest. I guess sometimes that can backfire.

This sad news article made me take pause as I have many more invisible friends than I do the handful of real life friends. I trust you guys would pick up the phone and call 9-1-1 for me as I would do for you.
Rest assured, if I think you guys are in danger I'm hopping in the Element and headed to save your A$$!!!


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