Thursday, January 20, 2011

Me, Today

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Update on yesterday's post. I decided to take a little advice from both sides: those that said Go For It and those that said not to stress myself out further and maybe take a class or two and apply next year.

I called my old high school this morning and they said they could get the transcripts out in the 10:00 AM mail. I didn't even go into whether or not they would be willing to ship Fed Ex if I arranged for shipment. These are no-nonsense Jerseyans after all!!!! Then I called back my college and suggested they too send regular mail and I'll have my fingers crossed that both arrive on Monday.

If not, I shall take it as a sign to take my time and start fulfilling the few course requirements I'm missing after meeting with a counselor. A benefit of that is that I will be able to get my foot in the door and see if I enjoy the school enough to continue on. It is smack dab in the middle of downtown, not the most convenient when it comes to parking or commuting. I'm also curious why the graduation rate for the program is only 57% - when only 30 are accepted. Puzzling.

In the meantime I'm going to apply to the second college that is much farther away, but a more pleasant drive out toward the "country."

My mind is cleared and after another night of no sleep and drippy coughing and awaking to a huge pile of tissues beside my bed, that is exactly what I need....

Come Monday I'll find out if any of the transcripts arrived and will proceed from there, the next step being to beg the student records folks for a copy I can attach to my application. I hate groveling but if it needs to be done, so be it.

It has been very difficult trying to reach the "contact person" at the department. She had neither returned any calls nor emails. And she is the one who will be collecting everything and checking to see that everyone's application is in order. That does not give me good vibes. It is an unusual application process and one would think they would have someone easily available to contact. That is sooooo not the case.

Well, enough boring you with my life. Tell me something happy going on in your life!!!

P.S. I hate it when bloggers make a P.S. apologizing for not visiting blogs because obviously they had time to write the P.S. , but that's just what I'm gonna have to do until I get myself back on track....Thanks for understanding :-)

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