Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lookin' Fine at 92 (or 90)

Since the Ted Williams Golden Voice Homeless Man video has now gone viral, you've probably already heard his voice and seen his transformation, but have you seen his mom?

It cracks me up because in the first video clip I saw of her - instead of being ecstatic about her son's new found fame she was kinda dissing him for all his mistakes since the other half of the family was "college educated" and full of success stories and then she goes on to say, "and he thinks I'm 92 - I'm not 92-I'm 90!"

In the more recent videos she is more grateful and has also had a makeover and lemme tell you she looks darn good for 92 or 90!! As my African American buddy always says, "Black Don't Crack." Being that I am glow-in-the dark white, I'm already preparing for lots of cracking....The Clarisonic and moisturizing lotions are working overtime....

Here she is:

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