Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feeling Very Generic!

As part of the lengthy application process (BTW, I'm going ahead and applying to the second school too - they called me back and seem like kinder, gentler folks- plus their rate for gradation from the program is significantly higher) --

Anyway, part of the process is that I need to get in 6 Observation Hours. So on Friday I did about 4 hours. The girl who I was observing was super-busy the entire time, working on 2 patients at once. I don't want to go into any specifics about the place due to confidentiality.

I returned yesterday to get in my remaining 2 hours and when I showed up - she asked me what exercises we had been working on the last time she saw me and went to look up my file...-

She had assumed I was one of the patients!!!!! Of course, she was totally embarrassed when I pointed out who I was.

But it left me thinking, am I really that generic looking/unmemorable that I could be forgotten from Friday to Monday after we had extensive interaction for close to 4 hours???

Very perplexing/sobering....

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