Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh, I Don't Know

I've been swamped with driving all over creation today, but it got me to thinking. I'm sure you've all heard the news about former tennis star Jennifer Capriati's "accidental overdose" - which some have been attributing to depression because she is unable to compete due to a career-ending shoulder injury. (Other surprising news was that she has been dating a pron star for over 6 years. Wow-sa!! Would not have pictured that. )

But then given the fact that she's already won several grand slams, I'm thinking if that were me it would excite the heck outta me and give me a sense of accomplishment that would probably last oh, at least 20 years or so...

Compare that with living a life where you have never had a real sense of accomplishment and never found your passion.

Which would be worse?

A career ending injury after a pretty darn good career or never finding your passion and living with the fear of becoming (to quote Homer Simpson) - "old and useless"?? I'd go with the former any day.

What about you?

P.S. Do you know I am having a giveaway?

P.P.S. It's almost Wipeout time!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Blissfully Unaware No More!

In my post from last week, I mentioned that there are few things in life that I would get up early and wait in line for, especially not the new Apple i-Phone 4 ...

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="OK, maybe it will change my life"][/caption]

Well, after watching the local news Thursday night, I may have to re-think this rationale. Would you believe a guy who was in line at the local mall was paid $160 cash for his spot in line?????? And I don't even think he was at the front of the line -- he just happened to be near the spot at the time the passerby offered him the money.

Screw the phone, I'm thinkin' when the i-Phone 5 comes out I may need to get up early in order rake in some cash as a space holder!!!

While I'm on my Apple kick, did anyone else not realize that there was a third co-founded of Apple, besides Steve Jobs and Woz?? There was, and he (Ron Wayne) was offered a 10% share in the new company for his contributions, but he declined and accepted $800 in lieu of the stock. The stock would now be worth $22 billion. He has no regrets.

I'm not so good with regret.

Did you ever pass up something or made a bad decision that you're still kickin' yourself for??

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Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Giveaway Time!

Thanks to all of you for sticking with me during the transition to my spankin' new digs!! When CSN Stores approached me about doing a review or a giveaway, I immediately chose to do a giveaway to thank you for your support over the past two years! CSN stores is comprised of over 200+ websites of top quality name brand products that will "wow" you....I was swooning as I browsed through a wide array of LED Lighting. If I had spotted this rope lighting a month ago, MB could have used it when he was decking out his mancave!

[caption id="attachment_1732" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Just Perfect for the Built-In Ledge in the Mancave!!"][/caption]

If home improvement is not your thing, CSN also sells furniture, housewares, shoes, bag & luggage, baby & kids items, as well as supplies for your office and child's school!

CSN has generously provided a $60 gift certificate for you to spend as you choose!!

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Love you guys xxoo

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hold On a Minute While I Scratch My Head

No, I am not in need of Selsun Blue. I should probably say "pull my head out of the sand." It just occurred to me this morning that today is a special day in many people's lives. So special that 1,000 of them got up early to form a line at the local mall.

MB and I are both not very gadgety -- so we had no clue that today is the day the new iPhone is to be released!!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="This Thing Will Change Lives ;-)"][/caption]

MB's facebook friend (aka The Bromance) has been counting down to a life changing event for days and we've been puzzled as to what he was talking about. (The Bromance is very geeky techie) And this morning listening to the local news, I solved the mystery. Why, he must be getting a new phone today! (the exclamation mark is me expressing my 'excitement')

There are very very few things in life that I would get up early for, let alone wait in line outside a mall for. In fact, I've been trying to think of some and can't come up with one. Maybe to meet one of my "idols" - I don't really have any, or for the Black Friday sales - never been to one - call me crazy - but getting trampled at the local Walmart is not my idea of something worth getting up early for-- now, an afternoon trampling on the other hand..... To see some type of "space phenomenon" - like when MB stayed up all night camped out with his telescope - nah, I'm not very 'celestial'....

Which leaves pretty much nothing.

Are you all geeked about the new iPhone or blissfully unaware like me???

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Like I Should Be Dissing The Bachelor

after I spent an hour watching the award winning thought provoking TV show Wipeout!

(how about me with the top quality photo taken off my TV!)

It's another one of my guilty pleasures. I especially like that it is co-hosted by one of my all-time faves - John Henson (formerly known as Skunk Boy in his Talk Soup days because of the gray patch on the side of his head). That's him on the right:

Jon and I share a similar sense of humor, i.e. giving people nicknames and telling jokes that fall flat :D

For example, Jon nicknamed the guy I've circled in this photo:

"Barely Legal Lawyer" because although the guy is 30 -- yes, 30!!! He looks to be about 15. People have said that I look younger than my age, but when they say that they mean by maybe 5 years or so....I must find out Barely Legal's secrets. Something tells me he is a swingin' single...

What TV shows do you watch that have absolutely no redeeming value, except maybe that you like the host???

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When is A Goody Bag Not a Goody Bag?

...when it is full of Steel Libido and Power Teen

Every few months our local health food store has an Open House. They invite vendors to give out free samples of their products and do seminars, etc. Goody bags are also handed out.

This is the loot we got at the last open house between our 3 bags:

The bags are always filled up to the top and it seems so exciting until you get a closer look:

Would you ingest any of these products? Am I just being a big scaredy cat who will never know what it is like to have a steel libido??? Will VC never know what it is like to be a Power Teen because I'm too weirded out to let him try one? Oh, the perils of living near a health food market....

P.S. I understand that your Blogger Dashboard is updating -- but with the luggage post, again!!!! :-( I have no idea what is up with that....Please let me know if anything else seems wonky. If you also have a reader and can add my new site that would be extra awesome dandy :D :D I've added a big orange Subscribe button (upper right corner)...

Thanks for sticking with me through the bumpy transition! xxoo

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I Promise This is My Last Update Today

especially because I have taken a day off work (unpaid I might add) - with plans to get all sorts of stuff done around the house -- so far I am failing miserably....

Did you see the breaking news about Jake and Vienna's split? Like nobody saw that one coming -- exactly the reason I signed off from watching The Bachelor years ago. I can see plenty of failed relationships in real life without having to spend months watching TV.

Is it time they put this show to rest??? With a track record of 1 for 14 it is time to stop wasting the public's time....I seriously think it has become nothing more than a vehicle for nobodies who want to become famous. And to think it was a mere month ago that they were doing their Love Dance on DWTS - bleh! Like they didn't know at that time that they would be breaking up.

If you wanted to see photos of Steel Libido and Power Teen, the photos are now appearing!! Yay!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I am far from a fashion blogger, but I wanted to share with you some pics from yesterday's wedding - so you can see my latest score -- this Calvin Klein dress I got for $58 at Macy's (original price $160). As you can see, it was a little loose, but for $58 - pffft not a problem -- to top it off I had some giftcards I had been saving - so it was essentially free!! I like free...

Most of the photos I took of the bride came out like this:

VC provided the entertainment (in his Renaissance outfit):

and then he busted plenty of moves on the dance floor:

The food was good too :D

*Please let me know if this new blog is not showing up in your feed. I'm hoping all the feedburner stuff transferred over OK.


I posted a new post over at my new digs:


Wedding photos are included -- and everybody likes wedding photos :D :D

Please visit me there...

A couple of you mentioned problems following the new site with blogger. If you have Google Reader, you can hit "add subscription", copy and paste the new address and follow it that way...You guys always brighten my day and I hope to not lose too many of you during the transition :-(

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Please Bear with Me

That's 'bear' not 'bare' -- although that might be fun too ;-) ------> I'm in the process of making the transition to WordPress, so I'll be here and there for a while until it is all fancy. If you would like to go ahead and subscribe to the new site (in the event your subscription doesn't transfer) -- you can find me at:

Hope you'll join me there!

P.S. Did anyone else find that last post confusing? VC read it and commented that even though he was the one with the zip ties, even he could not make sense of it...oh well, ya hit some, ya miss some....

P.P.S. Does anyone else love that Travie McCoy Billionaire song??? I had a bit of insonmnia last night and that song must have gone around in my head at least 80 times...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

You Play the Doctor

Do you remember that TV show where you are given a set of symptoms throughout the show so you can make a diagnosis before the ailment is revealed at the end. Let's play that.

Patient presents with the following mark on wrist:

If you are like me, you would have been thinking an onset of poison ivy. (this photo was taken a day or two later so it isn't as red as it was at the onset) Or maybe a burn from removing a corning bowl from the microwave. Either that or some type of generic contact rash. You would be writing it down to ask the doctor about it at the physical that is coincidentally scheduled for that week....

Yep, you might be thinking all that-- until teenage patient scratches his head and remembers it is from the other day when he and his friends (who are all very bright) decided to take a break from being computer technicians and thought it would be a good idea to put two zip ties on his wrists so he could see how long it would take him to "escape." As in a verrrrrry long time. Until he finally gave in and reached for the scissors.

Boy geniuses I tell you!!! And to think the other morning I was watching a clip about the stupid Youtube tricks that kids mimic - and I thought - no way would my kid ever try any of those ridiculous stunts ;-)

Like father, like son. (MB is forever using zip ties to repair just about everything)...

Speaking of fathers -- Overstock has some excellent buys on all sorts of things for dads. Maybe some new men's shoes, items for his home bar, or Samsung electronics....

Have a happy Father's Day tomorrow blogger dads!!

What does your father or husband use as his "go to" all purpose fix-it?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Need You to Play Emily Post

Getting back to my post from Tuesday where I mentioned the ca-ray-zy driver I am carpooling to class with, I am seeking opinions as to how best to handle the situation tactfully without coming across as a panic button or ungrateful beyoooootch:

A. Would you flat out tell her that her aggressive driving is stressing you out
B. Make a joke about it and hope she gets the point
C. Try and avoid signing up for future classes that fall on days she has free
*evil grin*
D. Join the Witness Protection Program

More info: I do not know this person very well - at all - we just met at my last class...One of the reasons she was hoping I'd sign up is so that we could carpool together since the class is about 25 miles away. She is really a very sweet person. I am seriously not exaggerating about her driving. It really is that bad. I could tell the other drivers on the road were P.O.'d since she would tailgate them so closely they would get over a lane at the first opportunity. (I made sure to look straight ahead once they moved over so I would not need to see them flipping us the bird, which reminds me of another story from last week...) Yet, according to her, the few times she has gotten pulled over, she did NOT get a ticket; just a warning. WTH???? I am clearly doing something wrong...

In less speedy news, congrats to Mommyof2Girlz, winner of the Betty Crocker giveaway.

And best wishes to my cuz JP who is headed home after spending a year stationed in Iraq. Yay!!!! Have a safe journey home! xxoo

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'd Like a Do Over on Yesterday Please

I'm going to intersperse other stuff between the whining so this does not appear to be a whiny blog post; stuff meaning: things nobody cares about.

The day began with an early morning trip to the dentist for a fitting of my new night guard -- woo-hooooo!! All was well until the dentist realized the material was so thin I would wear through it in a month's time, which meant getting another mold made- UGH. If you've never had the "pleasure" of having a mold made - it means a huge molded form is put in your mouth that is filled with what appears to be a thick cement like substance. It it then pushed up against your teeth to the point where if you are like me, you start gagging and your eyes watering. It is held in place until it firms up which feels like a gagging eternity...

That was fun. Again.

On the way home, I dropped VC off at his new school, where he is helping over the summer with the tech crew. Can't get the boy to do a blessed thing at home and yet he volunteers over 15 hours to help set up the computers at his school. hmmmmm.....how does that happen?

Meantime I headed home to do some computer tech work of my own. I had my suspicions that installing my new security software update (Kaspersky 2010 - which is my "Ft. Knox") would be a bear -- but had NO IDEA that the process would take over 5-1/2 hours....Due to a glitch, it was impossible to remove the 09 software. After seeing the dreaded blue screen (aka your computer may crash at any second) twice -- and putting it into safe mode to remove several files (as advised by the Kaspersky rep) by 6:30 last night I had found Kaspersky success!!!

Of course, the day was pretty shot by then...Which left a new ATS (American Tribal Style) dance class that I was trying for the first time before signing up. It is a variation of the tribal style I learned in my previous class.

The girl I was carpooling with drives like Mario Andretti - on a busy highway tailgating at 80 mph. I was already frazzled even BEFORE the class started. I was thinking 'please don't let me be found dead on the highway in my tribal costume with decorative arm cuff'...

Long story short: I was a fish out of water and, ok, I'll be honest, totally sucked.

Normally when this happens I run the other direction and pick up a new hobby as fast as I can, but I'm going to try not to be too discouraged. I guess it was embarrassing because the head of the studio (and my Technique Class instructor) was also there taking the class and got to witness firsthand my "dancing."

I'm ready to bury my head in the sand. But, instead I'll consider it Life Lesson #3: When your new pursuit gives you a beat down, resist the urge to run away and go back to prove to yourself that you can do it (kinda sorta)...

And the Worst Part of the day? I didn't get to read any blogs. Not one.

But enough about me, how was your yesterday: Do Over or Just Perfect?

P.S. Is proper grammar "of yesterday" in the title??

P.P.S. Last day to enter my giveaway. It's not big but hey, it's a giveaway. And it's free to enter!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Question: What Movie Was I Watching That Produced This Pile of Tissues??

I rarely watch movies; there just aren't that many that I feel like spending two hours on. But a friend strongly recommended this movie. I'd swear I asked her up front if it was a tearjerker, and she said no. Either way, it was a great movie.

What was I watching? It was

Keanu has that way about him that he just lures me right in. What can I say? I'm a sucka for a good Keanu movie...

Now excuse me while I go back to my Keanu Reeves dream state...

Have you seen this movie? Did you like it? (Good to know I'm only 4 years behind the times)

P.S. We are not playing cards anytime soon. Hopefully any tissue germs will be dead by then.

P.P.S. I caught myself pressing the "rev" button when the movie was over :D

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here's My Ten Cents; My Two Cents is Free

Listening to Ben Stein's commentary this morning (gotta love his monotone!) about his shrink's ideas as to who is happiest in life - which would be those who 'choose to live life' -- those who take risks and pursue college majors that they enjoy - not those that their parents suggest,

reminded me that I've been wanting to do a new regular feature: Carma's Life Lessons.

As an old broad, I've been around for a while and made many mistakes so I figured I'd share some in life lesson format.

Are you still awake???

The first lesson will be last week's lesson: If you continue to be responsible for everyone else's happiness, prepare to live an unhappy life.

And here's Lesson #2:

If you continually pick apart your appearance (possibly your nose that you hate) - don't be surprised if somewhere out of the blue the least likely person comes out with the exact same comment, the lesson being: Don't point out your own flaws; there are plenty of people waiting to do that for you; They don't need any help!

What do you think? Are these of any use?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Moving On --- in 5" Heels

Well VC has officially "moved on" from Middle School. We arrived at the school gymnasium at 8:00 am so as to secure some prime seats for the 9:30 ceremony. One of the fun things about getting early to places is all the "smackdowns" that occur when people reserve seats for those who are not yet in attendance. And yesterday did NOT disappoint. It is always a good source of entertainment prior to the big event.

Long story short. VC was in fine form-- although he did yawn as soon as he arrived and throughout the ceremony. Darn that Obama was not the guest speaker or maybe VC could have nodded off and become a web sensation.

I used plenty of tissues.

MB restrained himself from any yelling or making a scene when VC's name was read.

The Element was spared from any door dings in the parking lot.

But what I found most newsworthy was the strippertastic heels and mini dresses many of the girls were wearing. Let me just say that my 8th grade dress was more along the lines of "Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie" than "Shauna Sands heads to the seedy club on a Saturday night."

Now don't get me wrong, I am pretty liberal when it comes to dressing, but I should think stripper heels would be reserved for the over 18 crowd....

I tried to google a picture of the pink and white 5" heels one of the girls was wearing but couldn't find one. Lord knows the type of pop up ads that will now be popping up on my computer after I did a search for "stripper heels" This was the closest I could find -- only imagine white with pink trim and a more narrow heel:
In more age appropriate news, I am being featured today on my friend Kathie's blog. I don't recall how Kathie and I "met" but we have become bloggy buddies and share very similar personality traits, me being an ISFJ (borderline F/T - if you want to get technical ;-)) and Kathie being a INTJ :D

I would be tickled if you could take a minute to visit Kathie's blog: Just a Happy Housewife and leave some comment love :-)

Thanks Kathie!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hit Me!

VC's school is not yet out for the summer, but the vacuous end of school activity time has already begun.

After dinner last night VC took out his deck of cards and suggested we play a couple card games. We started with Black Jack (for fun, not profit) and then 5 Card Draw. When I suggested going back to Black Jack, VC said, "nah, I already played that all day (at school)." Well, that was an unexpected thing to hear!

Here's a funny: He asked one of the kids to cut the deck (and this child had srsly never cut the deck) -- He said to VC, "but then how are we going to play??" Wonder what planet this boy has been living on...

What valuable activities have your kids been doing to fill up the days til the end of the school year?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's Lightweight and Sturdy and Has Two Wheels and Is Headed to Camp??

That would be the new American Tourister Luggage that will soon be filled with juggling props and mismatched socks as VC heads off to camp this summer.
And you know I'll miss the big guy.

We did a little test run, and the luggage rolls as smooth as imaginable with its side-mounted wheels. And unlike the flimsy luggage that I spent the trip to Grand Cayman picking up every time it topped over since it was resting on a rounded handle (?) this luggage sits upright and is mighty sturdy...I'm jealous!

And when they say, Ultra-soft padded carry handles - they mean it! As soon as I picked up the luggage I was amazed how soft and squishy the handle was.

Luckily the bag also has "2400 Denier wear-points to ensure it meets even the harshest travel conditions" -- as traveling with a 14-year old has the potential for harshness :D

What are the odds that VC will fold his shirt up this neatly to take advantage of the elastic cross straps?
I thought about not saying anything and swapping VC's new awesome luggage with mine, but then what was it I said yesterday about bringing people happiness???

Are your kids headed off to camp this summer and will you be despondent like me ;-) or elated to have some downtime?

Full Disclosure: I received this luggage from Luggage.com for the purposes of this review.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Did You Ever Wake Up One Day and Realize

When did I become responsible for the happiness of everyone on the planet in the galaxy (I see they have recently found signs of life on one of Saturn's moons so I may as well include that too)?

Pardon my French, but that's a lot of f*ing pressure.

Monday, June 7, 2010

If Only I Wasn't Too Lazy to Chase and Hit the Ball

....I'd take up tennis! In lieu of playing my own tennis though, it is a treat to watch Rafael Nadal "Rafa" (to those in the know- which wasn't me until yesterday) play tennis. I figure I get worked up into just as much of a sweat as if I had been playing tennis ;-)

Actually, I was watching CBS Sunday Morning yesterday as I usually try to do (because I am old and boring) and the next segment was to be about the BP Oil Spill again (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) so I flipped to NBC and there was Rafael in all his sweaty glory with his $525,000 wristwatch.

I'm seriously afraid to wear my "good earrings" skating for fear I may lose one, so to wear the equivalent of a house or two or three on my arm?? Not gonna happen. But Rafa can afford to do this or anything much else he wants to....

P.S. I am not kidding about being too lazy to run and chase the ball. Several years ago VC decided we should learn to play tennis, so we both got racquets for Christmas. After one session at the local tennis court, he quit in annoyance because whenever the ball would land at the far end of my side of the court, I would saunter over to pick it up. The pros don't do that I guess.

P.P.S. Please enter my giveaway if you get a chance; all it requires is a comment. As one astute reader pointed out, the other options are a bit much considering the size of the prize :D

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm Back in the Kitchen - for a Review and Giveaway!!!

As you know from my previous culinary exploits, I can be quite dangerous in the kitchen, but the one thing that tempts me to go back in there is the promise of chocolately marshmallow delight - with easy to prepare convenience...

Even MB (who is on a diet) and VC could not resist digging into Betty Crocker's Mississippi Mud Bars. The bars are the perfect combination of chocolate cookie crumbs sprinkled over gooey marshmallows in a chewy chocolate center and a crunchy chocolate cookie crust. They are set to arrive in stores this summer!

I'd love to say that the baking went off without a hitch, but then would you really have expected that??? I wish I could make this stuff up. I really do.

Here's what happened: I mixed up the bars and the topping spread it in the pan and had it in the oven for ten minutes, at which time MB and I were talking and I kept hearing the microwave beep. What was in the microwave??? We had already eaten dinner hours earlier? My eyes popped open and I did a gasp when I opened it and realized what was in the microwave. Why it was the melted butter that was supposed to be mixed in with the batter!!!!!!

Let's just say, my mud bars (pictured at the top of this post) came out extra extra low calorie. And you know what?? They still tasted fabulous! VC commented that I should make them without the added butter the next time too :D

Would you like to win a "Delicious Dessert" prize pack that includes a box of the new Betty Crocker Mississippi Mud Supreme Bars and an 8x8 metal baking pan? If mine came out this good even with the mishap, imagine how splendid your's will be!!!

To enter:

all it takes is a comment:
Tell me about an upcoming event or gathering where you'd love to share some Mississippi Mud Bars.
For Extra Entries:

1. "Follow" my blog via Google Friend Connect
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Mississippi Mud Bar Delicious Dessert Prize pack enter @CarmaSez http://tinyurl.com/22oaelr

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6. Suggest an idea for a future blog post
7. Tell me what you like most (or least) about my blog

**If you are already a follower/subscriber please still indicate this in a separate comment. Thanks!**

Giveaway ends onTuesday, June 14, 2010 at 8:00 PM

Full Disclosure: The product, prize pack, information and additional prize pack to give away were all given to me by Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark. Thanks guys!

Friday, June 4, 2010

How I've Been Spending My Day Off (so far)

It is 12:01 pm and thus far I have:

Gotten VC ready for school (made his breakfast and lunch and rushed him out the door)
Gone back to bed until 10:00
That was a tough decision because I suddenly remembered Justin Bieber would be performing on the Today Show this morning. Opted for bed instead. If you missed seeing Justin - you can see the clip here. (VC cringes that I like Bieber music - so I'll need to check if he is interested in seeing the clip when he gets home from school! Looking forward to getting the raised eyebrow when I mention it.)
Worked out for 35 minutes on the elliptical machine.
Extended workout an extra minute because I flipped channels and saw that Cody Gifford is now reviewing movies with his mom on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee. Yeah, that was a must-see ;-) I know so many of you are Kathie Lee fans (tee hee) that I wanted to get that in. Cody is a so-so reviewer and mom kept interrupting and doing most of the talking. No surprise there.
Worked out with weights for 15 minutes to a workout DVD. "Let's kick it...."
Had chewable calcium tablet. Caramel - I now get excited about my daily calcium intake.
Updated blog with this lame post.
About to hit the shower (It is now 12:07 PM)

How much more excitement can I possibly fit in this one day????

addendum: since then I have:

had big bowl of cheerios with vanilla soy milk
brushed single hair off my arm and realized it was COMPLETELY GRAY!!!!!! :-(
realized I should look like I am doing something important as MB is headed home early
blogging doesn't count...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jigs up, Pal!!

Add this to my list of favorite things: Real Life Crime Dramas. (Since I've given up on memes, it's kind of an non-tangible list) I've already mentioned Dateline, but I also look forward to 48 Hours on Saturday nights ..."The mystery starts in 30 seconds..."

What always amazes me is when criminals seriously think they will get away with a crime when it is obvious to anyone with half a brain that they committed the crime!!! And then when they get off the hook with one crime - they are often arrogant enough to attempt another one years later - like none one will notice??? Think OJ here.

Did anyone see last week's Dateline with the antifreeze murders?? That was another good example. Kill off one husband with antifreeze - get away with it - so why not try it again 10 years later on the second husband?? Stooooooooopid....

So I was beyond elated to read that Mr. Smug himself, Joran Van Der Sloot, appears to have finally tripped up a second time (allegedly). How delusional can he possibly be to think he could get away with murder not once, but twice (allegedly)...And did you read that it was 5 years to the date of Natalee Halloway's disappearance? How freaky is that???

Let justice finally be served for Natalee's poor mom. It is a travesty that he has been roaming free all these years... (BTW, is she still dating Jon Benet Ramsey's dad?- I always thought that to be a nice coupling.)

Do you get excited about real life crime dramas or do you prefer the Law & Order variety?

*The original title to this post was "Gigs Up, Pal" but then I asked VC if it was supposed to be "gig" or "jig" and he went on to tell me the history behind the expression involving fishing lures. Boy's a genius. Wonder who he gets that from :D

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Split Up -- or Suck it Up & Shut the H*ll Up!

I wasn't going to do this post out of concern I might come across as a Negative Nellie (and you know the first rule of blogging: never let them see your real self ;-) or they may never return to your blog), but once I got confirmation of my opinion from my buddy Rebecca on Twitter, I figured I'd have at it.

Al and Tipper - When you heard the news yesterday- were you thinking: If they made it to 40 years, what's 10 more years of torture?? At least then they could have the big 50th Anniversary shindig...

On a related note, I was telling MB about my new dance class (at 10:00 last night) and he seriously said, "can you shorten this a little" and motioned for me to hurry up with a rolling hand motion. (I told him I'd be putting his quote on the blog - I mean what could be more interesting than hearing all the exciting details!) - *Gasp* Are we the next Al and Tipper? More like Larry and Shawn minus cheating with the sister & hot Latin baseball coach - darn!

What's that? You were looking for a more heartfelt marriage tribute, well, then head on over to Jenny Mac's place. Something tells me Johnny Mac is "all ears" when it comes to her dance stories *sighs* ;-)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Which is Why It is a Good Idea

I decided against signing up for a degree course at the local Massage School. MB and I were driving by over the weekend and I remarked, "It would be nice to go there; if only I didn't hate touching people." Although I did continue to contemplate it...

Now that I am armed with this new "non-showering percentage of the population knowledge," it will serve as a further deterrent and save me over $2,000 on another degree I'd probably never use.

Besides, when I watched an introductory video on their website, it featured two blindfolded (I kid not!) masseuses massaging someone. One was working on the person's back and the other massaging a foot. Always been slightly creeped out by feet, unless they are cute little baby feet...

Are you a masseuse who has a special trick to getting over touching complete-and possibly smelly strangers? Have you ever wisely talked yourself out of a degree that you just knew deep down was not a good fit? Are you still searching for what you want to be when you grow up?? Me too.

P.S. Spent the day at the zoo yesterday. Will need to post a photo or two. Several people smelled worse than the animals. This topic has more mileage than I ever imagined....
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