Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shower Much?

photo credit Krikit

Yesterday I was reading a post from a big-name blogger -- the kind of blogger who has readers register in order to leave a comment - and who still manages to get over 100 comments per post (not per week - or millennium in some of our cases).

I'd shudder to think of the deafening silence that would occur should I enable comment registration on my blog...

This blogger wrote about the fact that she showers ever other day or sometimes every other other day. And it was not for water conservation purposes, although that is a nice side effect.

Readers were writing in with suggestions as to how to extend the shower hiatus even further, including using special hair powder and baby wipes....

As someone who has been chided most my life for my lengthy showers (I'm workin' on shortening them, so environmentalists relax)....I can't imagine a day without a shower. The last time I skipped a shower was either due to surgery or a camping trip many years back when I was too spooked to use the shower. What can I say? I like to feel squeaky clean.

I did not realize until reading her comments that there were so many non-showerers. Have I been living under a rock or spending too much time in the shower?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Well, I'll Be!!!

I learned something today that was tantamount to hearing there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny.

I finally got around to taking the Element to the dealer concerning the recent recall on brake pedals. I seriously thought for years that the way the pedal sunk to the ground after a few minutes at a stoplight was a special feature of the braking system :Dphotocredit mooganic

Anyelement, I'm not gonna mention who I learned this info from-- but let's just say I found out that the service advisors and mechanics both get a cut of the cost of the service. Since this was a recall issue, it was probably handled differently than a regular repair, but still - my interest was piqued.

In hindsight, it explains a lot -- like the day last year when the service advisor insisted on replacing a part that was defective on the side of the passenger seat by himself instead of writing up a service ticket for the mechanics. I was extremely miffed - especially after he broke two of the prongs off the new part that he was installing :-(

Me being The Human Doormat, I did not express my displeasure. I should have. Looking back, I'm sure he wanted all of the commission for himself and he therefore did not involve the mechanics who probably would have installed it properly without breaking the new part.

Am I the last one to discover this??? I already despise getting my car serviced but now I'm gonna hate it even more thinking of the vultures licking their chops every time I come in for service.

And now I'm even more frustrated that I do NOT make commission at my job; a job that is normally associated with commissions.

Sunnyside, Carma. Look at the sunnyside. Oh right, 3 days to sleep in. Sleeping is underrated. Already anticipating plenty of teeth grinding and drooling. eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww....

Enjoy the long weekend everybody!! And thank you veterans!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Somebody Needs to Shut His Big Yapper!

I've made no secret of my love of trashtastic gossip blogs. Sure, it is colossal waste of time and brain power. Yet, as luck would have it, my job requires only time.

It was all sunshine and roses on the blogs yesterday, until something that Perezzers ran disturbed me. It involved the self-professed Most Hated Man on earth, aka Jesse James. I had the misfortune of cleaning up the kitchen late Tuesday night when Nightline was on and I caught bits of pieces of his interview, including the part about his childhood abuse. Either it was genuine or he is a damn good actor. To me, I'd have to go with the "former" (the "former" is the first one, right? phew) especially after seeing his acting skillz in the video he made when on The Celebrity Apprentice.
I was surprised to read the post in PH today where Perezzers featured a quote from Jesse's stepmom categorically denying any abuse at the hands of Jesse's stepfather - instead calling the father 'the kindest father who would do anything for anybody.' She was apparently 'appalled' to hear Jesse say such things and that no abuse occurred in their house.

And Perezzers said he was "inclined to believe her."

Because we all know that there is no way she would lie ;-) and that she was around Jesse and his father 24/7 so there is no chance the abuse could have occurred without her seeing it. And that of course the stepfather would have told her of the abuse. Riiiiigggghhhhtttt

I'm surprised P is so quick to lean toward believing her side of the story. Abusers are sly, cowardly folk who can appear all warm and fuzzy in public. Does she really know what went on or is she trying to save face?

Yes, Jesse is a turd. And yes his "excuse" doesn't fly with me. But I tend to believe him on this one. I, aka "The Human Doormat" have a sixth sense about these things...

Jesse James: Liar or Actor of Shakesperean Proportions?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nicole Wins Dancing and in Other Exciting News I Did a Load of White Wash

There is nothing like devoting 10 weeks to a predetermined outcome. Not to mention the two hours I spent last night watching the finale; Len even proclaimed Nicole the winner BEFORE Evan danced!

To top it off, I had just returned from my new dance class, which unlike my previous dance class, is a workout - and yet I somehow found myself eating 2 muffins, a protein bar and a small bag of trail mix and some pretzel stix while watching Dancing. Talk about self-sabotage. Dag Blame DWTS!!!!

Here's my thoughts: Can we not get a season of "stars" who are not already dancers, you know, just to make things a little more interesting. Ochocinco, who, despite my friend's husband referring to him as "Ocho-stinko" was the non-dancer who got closest to winning. At least we were able to see him progress throughout the show. I can't believe I am going to say this, but it was also semi-interesting to see Kate show a tiny bit of "improvement" during her stay on the show, since she was obviously a bonafide non-dancer. Although that closeup photo at the end from up above made her look like a giant head balloon.

Granted, Nicole oooozes talent (compared to her - I am the Kate Gosselin of belly dancing) and is a true performer so she was not painful to watch...

That being said, of the final two - I was pulling for Evan, awkwardness included. He reminds me of a gentle teddy bear. And didn't it seem like he had a little crush on Anna by the end? Watching that relationship develop - from the zero chemistry at the outset was fun to watch.

Derek and Nicole on the other hand, were pros from the get-go. What was to develop??? Erin joked on GMA this morning that Derek and Nicole had all their dances choreographed on the first day, which would not surprise me ;-)

Every season I swear that I am never watching again. And then I sit down and watch. And snack. Somebody help me break the cycle!!!

I even found Gwyneth Paltrow's new conehead shellacked 'do

to be more fascinating that watching the finals of Dancing unfold. Yet I much prefer the "natural" Gwyneth. And I feel comfortable saying this since I am a subscriber to her Goop newsletter.

Any thoughts on Dancing or Gwyneth's new do? How many weeks days hours do we give Erin and Mak's relationship? (shame on me)

VC was watching the argument segment and when I mentioned they were dating, he said, "They already act like they are married!" Touche!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beware the Rose Hips Lady (or me)

Yesterday I was at the local big box retailer and I was perusing the vitamins looking for some calcium when I overheard the lady next to me talking to another customer (whom she did not appear to know) asking her if she knew what Rose Hips were and trying to engage her in conversation. I purposely looked straight ahead at the shelf lest I get caught up in the Rose Hips discussion.

About 45 minutes later, I was about to finish my shopping trip when I came across some corn for 19 cents and ear -- never one to pass up a bargain, I went over the bin and started up a conversation with an older gentlemen who was shucking some corn. We chatted about which ears looked tasty - and I learned that it is generally best to select the ears that are widest at the base. He gave me a friendly goodbye and wished me well -- after teaching me the finer points of corn.

It was then that I realized that I had turned into the Rose Hips lady!!!!

Are you a chatty shopper??

P.S. I apologize for my tardiness in visiting your blogs. I have been away from the computer caught up in a hectic schedule. Will try to play catch-up today.

P.P.S. That and I am still trying to locate the Whitesnake 45.

Friday, May 21, 2010

That's Crazy! (said in best Tracy Morgan voice)

Yesterday VC and I descended to the man cave to work on our juggling. He was grumbling that he would like to listen to Whitesnake, but had to put on a different song, because he said he had no idea the year Whitesnake recorded "Here I Go Again." Here's why: Behind the sectional sofas, MB keeps several bins of his old vinyl records. The 45's are cataloged by year. You heard me correctly, by year --

Was it 1986 or 1987 or 88???

Call me crazy, but I would think an alphabetical system world work well for this type of filing...

Do you have a similar filing system where only you know how to find what you are looking for? (Hey, that's the line from Whitesnake. I did NOT plan that. Seriously. And now I realize we sound like big dorks for even looking for Whitesnake in the first place ;-) )

P.S. Guess where I was last night?

Upcoming: review of some luggage and some tasty treats...

Get yer bon BON here!

Today I have the honor of being featured as a Blogger of Note (BON) at Words of Wisdom. Uh-huh....That's right. So please take note ;-)

For those of you not familiar with my site, you may be interested in a quick Carma Sez Primer. (*Lots of pics in that post for those of you in a hurry*)

My blog does not necessarily have a focus - everything from chiggers to bruxism to my obsession with Keith Morrison to my love of well textured napkins has been discussed at one point over the past 400+ posts.

I like to think of my blog as a "slice of life" blog-- minus the crust. Sometimes I like to illustrate my posts. Sometimes I "cook." And I like to use photoshop.

Oh, and I have recently been nominated for a prestigious honor.

If you are new to my site, please have a look around. I'll be happy to answer any questions! No need to send gifts, I've received more than enough really, really big ones.

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment so I can visit your blog. And thanks Sandy and Pam!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now Who's the Sucker (Hides Head)

After over 2-1/2 years of wear, my MBT's are finally ready for retirement. (They are worn to the point of reaching the special super secret Masai Technology squishy part.) Here's a photo of my MBT's in happier days:

MB and I were out shopping over the weekend and I had a 20% off coupon, which meant it was time to splurge on some new sneaks. MB picked out a sensible pair of Avias which were priced at $30 and I moseyed on over the women's overpriced walking shoe section to try on a pair of the new Reebok Simply Tone sneakers that I've had my eye on.

They were on sale for $80 which was muchless than I paid for my MBT's originally. (Incidentally, I purchased them at a discount shoe site; I did not pay full price. I am not an idiot-- which also accounts for the color. There weren't many choices in that price range!)

And then, to come across a article yesterday-- It was titled "10 Ways You're Getting Ripped Off." Let's face it, nobody likes to be ripped off, except people who have blogs because then they have a blog topic for the next day.

Here's what the expert had to say about Item #2: Fitness shoes that claim to tone your legs while you walk- "These shoes .... mostly affect the foot and ankle," says Dr. Michael Ross, director of Rothman Institute's Sports Performance Lab. "There is no evidence they will help you tone better or quicker than a regular shoe." I'll be honest, I never really noticed any difference in my leg tone over the past two years, but I didn't want to chance it :D

Unrelated note, the principal at VC's new school said he recognized me from around town. I immediately thought "when and what was I wearing" as I've been known to trek around town in my short shorts and blue sneakers...May need to rethink this wardrobe choice in the future...

So, do I keep or return my new Simply Tone sneakers??

Update: Looks like I'll be headed back to the store anyway, since they left the security device on one of the sneakers. Terrific.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yesterday I Made $5

As dedicated as I am to helping support the household, on none other than my DAY OFF WORK, I made $5!!! (that is a photo of the actual bill)

I've probably mentioned my HS friend who I was reunited with after over 20 yrs as we bumped into each other at a monster truck show (5 states away from the state we grew up in).....Anyway, we discovered that we now live about 45 mins from each other in this new state, and we like to meet up at the mall about once a month to catch up on things...

There we were strolling through the mall when one of those survey people accosted us with her clipboard and asked if we were interested in taking a survey. My friend was about to blow them off, when I heard the magic words: You will earn $5. Ever the skeptic, I made sure that the $5 was actually $5 and not some gift card with restrictions...Assured that it was cash money, we proceeded to the survey room.

I'm never one to pass up some easy money. So there we were taking a survey about a new perfume. They got their money's worth, since part of the survey, after all the interview questions were finished, was to write a story beginning with "Once upon a time" about the perfume. And they provided you with about 20 lines on which to write said story.

Not sure that they were overly pleased with the results, since my story revolved around an older lady. The perfume clearly smelled like old lady perfume. And so did I the rest of the day....

P.S. I see that many of you are playing "diplomatic" with the question I posed yesterday about the hypothetical person. Just adding a little more info that may help you make a decision. The Sat. night session ends at 11:30 and the rink is located an hour away from the house.....Not to sway your opinion in either direction ;-)

P.P.S. Sorry I am behind in visiting all of your fine blogs. I've been busy doing important surveys.

Monday, May 17, 2010

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

The other day I had the opportunity to dust off my almost 20 year old skates (with stoppers so old the plastic has dry rot) to join MB at his new hangout, the rollerskating rink. Word has it that a lot of folks our age, i.e. not young and hip, but not yet ready for shuffleboard, are returning after many years off skates.

I spent my eighties on skates, so while MB claims he is faster than me, I challenge any 17 year old to keep up with me - forward or backwards or shuffle skating.

That's me with the black socks (tee hee)....MB is wearing what VC refers to has his "bathing suit." We are quite a crew.

I really need to stop posting pictures of myself as some of them are cringe worthy. Do you prefer blogs with pictures of the blogger, or do you prefer to read well written posts that leave something to the imagination??

None of this is really the point of my post. Just a question I've been wanting to pose to you - a "hypothetical question" -- supposing your S.O. spends two nights a week (including Saturday) at the skating rink. Would you be considered a beyoooootch if you brought up that this might be a little excessive - or are you squelching his "hobby time."

Someone you do not know ;-) wants to hear your opinion....

P.S. I have no idea what that clear orb is on MB's wrist. It is the exact same thing that happened with my other camera!! Some weird orb specter is haunting my cameras >:-(

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Move Over Tina Fey

There's a new bespectacled brunette in town!

I have not had a new pair of eyeglasses in over 10 years. It was high time for an update and as long as I was updating my look, I decided why not go for a slick contemporary style.

GlassesUSA has a wide selection of prescription glasses to suit every face shape and personal style. And the prices are amazing.

The glasses I selected were the "Revere" frame - complete with lenses for $44.95.

I don't know when the last time you paid this amount for a complete pair of glasses was, but I can tell you that my last pair (over 10 years ago) was over 4 times the price. When GlassesUSA says they provide their customers with top quality lenses in the hottest frames, they mean it!

Confused about ordering glasses online - not to worry. GlassesUSA made the process incredibly easy. They even have a virtual mirror where you can upload a picture of you and "try on" the different frames. I am incredibly pleased with my new specs!

Here's something else that impressed me about the company: All of their returned eyeglasses are not restocked - they are donated to various organizations around the US tho sanitize and redistribute them with the correct Rx to people all over the world who can't afford vision care.

If you are interested in ordering a pair for yourself (and why not - it gave me a little boost to be rockin' a new look), use code Mommy5 and you will save 5% off your final order :-)

Whether you want to look like Tina Fey or Tina Turner - who also sports some fab lenses, you will be thrilled with your new look :D

Full Disclosure: I was provided with a pair of glasses for purposes of this review.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I wasn't planning on doing a post today, but after I saw this video on The Early Show I had to put in my two cents worth:

***Youtube has pulled the original video - you can see clip from CNN here***

These are seven year old girls pretending to be seductresses dancing to Beyonce's Single Lady. Tempted to dig out a photo of what I looked like and was doing at age seven. From what I recall, it consisted of wearing plaid pants with black shoes and a brown button down cardigan. Oh, and I was holding my favorite doll (Piffle) either that or drawing in my sketchbook.

Were any of you doing these gyrations when you were seven?

P.S. Pardon my redundancy - I see this video is now smattered all over the internets :D

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Teeth Will Thank Me

After 12 years of wearing a nightguard that I have ground to bits with my teeth grinding, I have made an appointment to have a new mold made. Yay!!! I'll consider it $500 well spent.

This may not seem like a huge deal, but to someone like me who grinds the heck out of my teeth each night, it is a lifesaver.

My jaw has started up with that dull ache at more frequent intervals signalling that I have pretty much worn the life out of the nightguard. That combined with the clenching of teeth that I do during the day (thanks to my job and other factors) has contributed to a bad case of bruxism. I love that word.

Bruxism: The habitual, involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth, usually during sleep, as from anger, tension, fear, or frustration.

Anger, tension, fear, frustration pretty much sums things up for me. I've made no secret about the fact that I have started a new plan to combat my anxiety in earnest.

Dentists are making big bucks of the recent economic downturn, busy filling up their schedules with fellow teeth grinders who have cracked their teeth. My goal is to avoid getting to that point. I have worn a nightguard for over 20 years and without it there is no doubt I would have filed my teeth completely to the gums by now. Which is sad :-(

Any other bruxist bloggers out there??

BTW, as you can imagine I am a hot sexy sight to behold at bedtime. Not only do I wear the nightguard on top; I have a retainer for my bottom teeth and let's not forget the wrist brace for carpal tunnel. Yeah baby!!! Victoria's Secret should be calling any day now to hire me for some boudoir photos....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reader Recommendations That Work!!

Remember that cake in the mug FAIL from a week ago -- I'm happy to report that I got brave enough to attempt mug cooking for the third time - courtesy of a recipe sent to me by Margaret who blogs at Straight Up - No Chaser. (That blog title alone should make you interested in visiting her blog.)

Success! The cake was 90% moister and 100% richer than the recipe I tried the last time. Remember to mix it up well or you will end up with a coating of flour on the bottom. You don't come to this site to see cooking perfection ;-)

The recipe is very rich so I recommend splitting it with a buddy (or someone you would like to get fat :D

It is made from ingredients you most likely already have in your pantry, so why not try some tonight. And then thank Margaret for all the chocolatey goodness.

The most dangerous brownie recipe

4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips
a small splash of vanilla extract
1 large coffee mug

Add dry ingredients to a large microwavable mug and mix well. Beat the egg into the milk, vanilla and oil and mix well. Fold in chocolate chips. Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts (high).
The brownie will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed!

Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired.

The second reader recommendation that worked was from Randi. Many of you read her blog Beauty Be Good on a regular basis. She has a wealth of knowledge about cosmetics and beauty in general. One of the items she gushed about was Rimmel's Long Lasting Finish Pro Nail Polish:

I selected Marine Blue since it matched my dance outfit perfectly :-) Some may call this too matchy matchy. I call it genius ;-)

Here are my nails on Day 1:

and then on Day 5:

No chips!!! On Day 6 I started with some chipping, so I'm not sure about the 10 Days - but absolutely worth a try if you are tired of chipping after Day 1. And at a price of $3 and change, it is well worth it. (available at Walmart)

If you try either of these, please let me know what you think! And if you have any other fabulous recommendations that will transform people's lives that I can feature on the blog, I'm all ears :-)

Have a Happy Tuesday. I'm working 4 days in a row at the "morgue"
(aka My Job)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Some Mother's Day Thoughts

Last night I saw this lovely comment that was left by someone who obviously does not have a good relationship with his mom, on my youtube channel.

Here it is:

"ha u do diabolo with u shit son you are both crap at daiboloing ha ha ha twat" It made me sad. I'm almost tempted to respond back and ask what kind of relationship he shares with his mom and that she must be so proud. But I won't. For now. I'm above trash talking a teenager. I think.

VC and I share a special bond and I doubt this loser can say the same about his relationship with his mom or he would not be trashing other moms.

On a brighter note, at our last recital, I noticed that a guy is taking belly dance classes at the second location of the studio I attend.

It doesn't come naturally to him and it kind of awkward to watch, but I admire his determination. The girls in my group were wondering if he lost a bet or something. But I have a feeling it is just something he wanted to try. In that respect, he and I are kindred spirits!!

One of the moms of a dancer was seated behind me at rehearsal and had on a grin and was rolling her eyes when he was performing. She struck me as one of those moms who tries to be "picture perfect" at all times and was quite beautiful, but when she tried to catch my eye to get a rise of out of me about his performance, I wasn't having it. Lord knows, I'm plenty awkward at dancing myself and I applaud anyone, especially a guy, who has the cajones to step out and do this.

At intermission, I overheard someone talking to his mom and she was just brimming with pride, saying that when people ask her which dancer she is related to, she said, "The boy. He's mine."

It was the sweetest thing how proud this mom was of her son. Proud. Not Embarrassed, but proud. I wanted to take him aside and congratulate him, but I was quickly dragged upstairs to do a rehearsal with my group before our performance. I'll try to do this the next time.

On this Mother's Day, be proud of whatever pursuits your kids take joy in - unless it is leaving rude comments on youtube channels, in that case give them a smack upside the head for me ;-)

Happy Mother's Day to all my bloggy friends!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

I Really Need to Get Out More

As I tweeted this morning, today I'm bummed, but for no particular reason. A few clients just stopped in, which helps break things up, but normally I only see one or two people my entire workday. Most days it's just me. You've heard me whine about this before. Nothing new.

But yesterday I had a chance to venture out into the world and take VC for placement testing at the new school he will be attending next year. Long story short, it is a school where he will be able to fully showcase his talents and creative bent. I look upon it as potentially life-changing. When his number was drawn out of the 99 others who entered the lottery for 9th grade, I took it as a sign.

Anyway, while he was in testing I had the opportunity to chat with a few of the other moms and teachers. And there was one teacher who was from Mexico. She is a young mom and will be a computer teacher there. She was incredibly delightful. I mentioned how tall VC was - since she wasn't sure which child was mine- and she said it reminded her of the Love You Forever book. We both instantly had tears in our eyes at this thought. Incidentally, I got this book as a shower gift and it so depressed me I had to toss it out. I know I shouldn't look at things that way....

*of course, I perked right on up when she added that she would have never expected me to have a ninth grader. Previously I asked the assistant principal a question and he said he thought I had a kindergartner and was shocked when I said that no, he was a ninth grader. He said I "looked too young" to have a ninth grader. Naturally I was just lapping up all this mom flattery!!!! Especially since I was not a young mom. (Do you think they say this to every mom -- don't answer) Let's just say it was such a happy place, I was ready to enroll there myself :D

I enjoy getting to know more about people and find that I often have lengthy conversations. Maybe it's my blogger curiosity.

Much as I do solitude well, it really made me realize how little contact I have with people I am not related to. We talked so long and got to know each other to the point that the teacher gave me a hug when she left.

Besides the belly dancing girls, it's just MB and VC most days with an occasional phone call with friends. It felt good to be away from the computer and my barren job and out in the world where people are doing things, and engaged in happy conversations. There is a vibrant and engaging side to me that most people never get to see (MB may beg to differ ;-) I need to do that more.

Do you ever feel the same way?

re-reading this post, it makes me appear quite pathetic :-( but you know what, I'll keep it up anyway 'cuz I'm all about keeping it real - honest.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

C'Mon, Admit It

I can't be the only one whose guilty pleasure is taking the "Who'd You Rather" poll on TMZ. It's hard to resist checking out the results. As in yesterday's poll:

Teresa's Hair won with 36%.

As smarmy as the TMZ guys can be, they do have a sense of humor that is very similar to mine at times *don't judge* ;-)

And it looks like at least 27,826 other people evidently have a lot of time on their hands!

Do you have an inappropriate guilty pleasure that should NOT be admitted on your blog?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

101 More Uses For Your Family Crest

Just testing to see how much mileage I can get out of a blog topic. And so I bring you:

101 More Uses For Your Family Crest:

On a Pillow - or perhaps a tie!
Impress your friends with a piece of priceless artwork made from rare inlaid woods:

or just pop that baby in a frame and show friends that your family dates back to the 1700's. What's that? Their family only dates to the 1820's - *cough* LOSERS *cough*

Disclaimer: These items were made by very kind individuals. I'm not poking fun at them, just the fact that I am living in FAMILY TREE HELL!!!!!!

*If you have a couple minutes to read the in-law stories in the comment section of the previous post, you will NOT be disappointed! When it comes to entertaining stories, you guys really BRING IT!*

Monday, May 3, 2010

Culture Clash!!!

This is another one of those posts where I look to you to commiserate with me and tell me that I am not alone. aka my favorite kind of post.

Are you married to someone who is completely Americanized yet from a different culture? A culture where they put out signs like this *winces* when their family members come to visit:

....and whose family members drive around with a license plate like this:
Do you come from a family as "pedestrian" as mine that doesn't have a family crest? And even if they did, they wouldn't bring it out in public?

Now, here's the part where you tell me your zany in-law stories...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bring Out Your Inner Yogi!

I mentioned last week that I've been doing some exercising so I can become a force to be reckoned with on the belly dance floor ;-) Another physical activity that I have tried over the years is Yoga. Yet, it's been a while since I've done the tree pose or downward dog. (I left my last class when the yoga instructor - who eschewed deodorant, said the next class would involve doing a head stand. None of us were anywhere near that advanced!!!!)

Even though I am currently not practicing yoga, I am still in need of a quality workout mat for when I do the floor exercises while working out to my exercise DVD. (more on the DVD in a separate post - let's just say that it is kicking my butt!!!!)

So I was thrilled when Aurorae Yoga contacted me to do a review of their Yoga Mats. Let me first say that this company gives me great vibes. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with. It is not surprising that Aurorae Yoga was awarded an Amazon Top Seller Certificate in 2009.

The owner is a cancer survivor who used yoga to help build his body as well as develop inner peace for his mind.

A few interesting features about the mats:

*Colors that Define Your Inner Self (they shipped me an Ocean Blue mat - which corresponds to: Relaxation, Sedate, Caring, Cooling, Spirit, Trustworthy & Attentive) If you are interested in learning more about the colors and their meanings, please visit Aurorae.)

*Focal Point Icon to Help Concentration

*Thicker for Impact Absorption (6mm/1/4”) (you can really feel the difference vs. the flimsy mat I used years ago.)

*Durable & Long Lasting

*Firmness for Stability

*Extra Long 72”

Did you know that you can wash a yoga mat in the washing machine? How did I not realize this?

Here I am working out on an Aurorae mat (how 'bout that big screen TV!).

Aurorae also sells cotton sweat towels and Slip Free Rosin bags to make your workout even more comfortable.

Why is my new workout buddy (who is determined to sculpt some abs) looking so dejected? Because he does not have his own Aurorae mat and knows he'll be slipping and sliding on the carpet. (BTW, he normally wears sneakers while holding weights, so don't call CPS.)
For some additional Yogi Tips, visit Aurorae's website.

Full Disclosure: I received a yoga mat, towel and rosin bag for the purpose of this review.
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