Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mystery Blogging Visitor Revealed

Congrats to all of you who guessed Mocha Dad!!!! ;-) Fred said that he was going to be in my state, which he frequents on business trips. He ended up having LOTS of time to kill since his work finished up sooner than expected (2 days early) and to change flights would have cost $1,100. So, he met me at the gallery and we hung out and had plenty of laughs!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="369" caption="Note to Self - Only Lighting from Below from Now On"]Photobucket[/caption]

One intelligent thing I remember Joan Rivers saying when she was on The Apprentice, is that the key to looking good is lighting from below and that she always insists on that in her photos. Why did I not think of this when Fred and I posed for this picture with lighting coming from overhead?? My conehead hairdo that day didn't help either :-( OK, so maybe I'm getting a little a lot more vain about looking halfway decent in photos.

There I go making it all about me!!!

Anyway, Fred and I had a great visit and if you are ever in the area, give me a shout via email and we'll meet up (assuming you are not a knife wielding axe murderer), the advantage to me, of course, being that I have some company at work :D

Fred did bring some good luck since someone actually came in while he was there (someone who knew me and had been meaning to stop in) and then no sooner than 5 minutes after he left, a customer came in and purchased something!!!!!!!

It was a hectic day you see ;-)

Merry Christmas to you and your's. I consider you all to be my extended family but without the dysfunction *MUAH* xxoo

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