Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Well, I Guess I'm in the Minority

I seriously figured more people would regret not having gone to their reunions...Maybe it just 80's nostalgia that is clouding my thinking...I mean - did you see NKOTB on the AMA's on Sunday? Nothing makes me yearn for the 80's like a NKOTB song. And now that they've combined with BSB - and are sharing the last "B" in the acronym, why that makes it even more awesome!!!

A couple of my friends from HS thought I was whacked out for even contemplating going, but I'm gonna say right here and now that if I'm still blogging in 5 years, I shall be "live blogging" the reunion. Because how important does it make an event seem than to say you are "live blogging it???"

Part of what has made me see my HS years in a whole new light was communicating on Facebook with two individuals who I didn't have any contact with in school. We never had even one class together. One is the class vice president, who organized the class facebook page. He has a wit that is unparalleled (at least in my feeble mind) and has gone out of his way to keep in touch with most of our classmates. Keep in mind the class was a little over 400 students. He sings in a cover band that has a large local following, has a family, works yet he manages to always have a sense of humor. Maybe singing in a cover band is the key?

Speaking of bands, it was interesting to discover that many classmates are rockin' out - several are in bands and one even moved to Nashville and is a country singer. Yes, a Jersey girl can sing country!!! Blew my mind what some of my peers are up to. (And also made me feel like I need to accomplish a thing or two in the next five years - blogging and tweeting doesn't count; wanna bet in 5 years I am still saying the same thing ;-) )

Anyway, so the class VP and I exchanged this FB tread after I discovered that he wasn't in any of the reunion pics that were posted:

Me: Were you wearing your invisibility cloak at the reunion?? I have yet to see a pic of you, the commander and chief reunion organizer??

Class VP
: Yes, I spent the night hidden in the ladies stall

Me: That's a good idea - they are always cleaner than the men's stalls - or so I've heard...

Class VP: I have pictures to prove it! A lot has changed since I mastered the art of restroom photography at [our high school]! Time to retire and set the self destruct timer on my laptop:)

Me: nooooooooooooooo must see pics.

Class VP: LMAO ROTFF PIMP*! I made [other student] our new class CEO. I am going to look for a staff intern so I can disgrace the office of VP, write a book and speak at colleges! [Other student] wants the next reunion to be at Chuckie Cheese! Tell your son not to renew his juggling contract so you can come.

Me: Heck, if the reunion is at Chuck E - VC can provide the entertainment. I admire your goal of disgracing the office in order to get some lucrative speaking contracts. I think you should only interview scantily clad women with low morals.

You see, if I had been there we could have had this thought provoking discussion in person!!!!

On a more serious note, this individual has also done a lot to keep alive the memory of our 4 deceased classmates - (2 were suicides :-( )

So I guess the moral of the story is that I went to school with a memorable group of kids, despite my wanting to escape becoming a "town fixture" the first chance I got!

P.S. If I ever think of grocery shopping again two days before Thanksgiving, please smack me upside the head

P.P.S. Did you see this picture that was on Yahoo! the other day. It makes me giggle.

[caption id="attachment_3923" align="aligncenter" width="392" caption="Can A Body Seriously Move Like That?"][/caption]

P.P.P.S. *I love that he unknowingly used the word PIMP as that is kind of an inside blog joke ever since the spammer left me a comment saying PIMP.

P.P.P.P.S. Still time to scroll down and enter my giveaway.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Love you guys!!

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