Monday, November 1, 2010

Too Old to Trick-or-Treat??? Somebody Needs to Get a Life and Worry About the Bigger Things!

I would be remiss if I did not post a copy of VC in his costume, especially after seeing all the cute photos of your kids on your blogs...

I wasn't going to post one, after reading the Yahoo article debating how old is too old in which the author felt that "under 12" should be the cut-off age. Several interviewed in the article said they refuse to give out candy to older kids or shut off the light. HARSH!!!! While I can see this as a safety measure if you are old and frail and living alone, I think for the most part it is perfectly acceptable to hand out candy to older trick-or-treaters. I've never had a problem with it myself and found that it saved me from binging on pounds of leftover candy...

While VC did not officially trick-or-treat door to door other than to five houses in our neighborhood -- (He hopped out of the car after returning home still wearing his Renaissance Costume from a "day's work" and rang some bells), he did go out late last week for one last trick or treat at the local college. We have gone with a friend and her kids and their friends every year. It is one of the fun traditions we enjoy - trick or treating in the dorms.

Here is a photo of VC and friends before heading to the dorms to get their loot.

[caption id="attachment_3627" align="aligncenter" width="415" caption="VC is the Big Kid at Right"][/caption]

VC is only a year older than the girls, although it probably doesn't look that way....I told him that if they were not too old to trick or treat I doubted anyone would find fault with him joining in, and the college kids were incredibly gracious as always. He had fun. It is sad that this will be his last year. But by next year I assume he will definitely look like an adult trick or treater, at age 15.

Although we may re-think that next year after seeing this guy at the RenFest:

[caption id="attachment_3630" align="aligncenter" width="288" caption="This Guy Totally Rocked His Costume!!!"][/caption]

Now that's the spirit!!!

Were your kids teenagers before they gave up trick or treating?? Did they experience any backlash from bitter fuddy duddys who refused to give them candy?

P.S. We only got 8 kids at our house, which means Reese's PB cups for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am not complaining :D

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