Friday, November 12, 2010

Scrapping the Bottom of the Barrel for Blog Topics (Part I)

As I sit here eating my Greek yogurt and pondering the existence of new planets and avoiding the vacuum at all costs, I realized that I'm at a loss for blog posts, although I do have a list of proposed blog topics written on a little pad that I rarely glance at until the topic is no longer relevant. Funny how that happens.

BTW, if you have never tried Greek yogurt, I highly recommend it. The texture is much thicker/smoother than your typical yogurt, plus it is naturally low in fat. Dannon now makes their own version so you can get it relatively reasonably priced, which means not cheap, yet not as high as the original "authentic" Fage Greek Yogurt.

Where was I.... Oh, what I have decided to do is to dig into my selection of blog drafts and pull out one, which happens to be about the neighborhood dog pooping fight:

A neighbor who has dogs but allegedly does not curb them properly put up this sign in their yard. You can appreciate the irony....

which was followed shortly by the neighbor across the street putting up this sign:

Thus began the bitter feud down the end of our cul de sac. We stay out of things. But neighbor A who put up the first sign wanted to try to rope me into speaking on her behalf when neighbor B contacted The Police Chief to complain about Leash Law violations, adding in the email that was circulated to all neighbors as well as the police chief, that "You [Neighbor A] obsess over your manicured lawn but have no regards for others and their lawns when you allow your dogs to defecate on other people's properties" at which time he documented the size of the dog poop he found at various times and the estimated age of said poop. I do not get involved in this sort of thing. I do not own a dog.

*I forgot to mention that Neighbor B has already left dog poop on Neighbor A's doorstep.

Ahhhhhhh....the pettiness that is suburbia. Makes me want to self-medicate with more Reese's cups, except I have finally reached the bottom of the trick or treat stash....

Have a great weekend. Still time to enter my fruit giveaway. Much healthier than Reese's and on par with Greek yogurt.

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