Monday, November 22, 2010

Reunion Regret

This past weekend was my high school class reunion. It was a big BIG reunion year. I did not go.

VC was still under contract with the RenFest through the weekend which meant I would have been on my own heading back to the lovely Garden State which is about 5 states away (one of these days I need to look at a map and confirm that)....

It was at a bar (a fancy upscale one) - since they wanted to keep the expenses low since so many people have hit on hard times lately.

On Sunday I checked on FB to see if there were some pictures posted. Sure 'nuff. Plenty of pics. Some people aged incredibly well. Others, well, let's just say I had to get out the yearbook to compare the angle of their smiles to see if it was the same person!

Part of me regrets not hauling my underrated a$$ * up there to mingle with the "populars" now that I wouldn't be quite so on the fringe (my punk rock poser days being far behind me). Guess I'll have to wait another 5 more years and hope that I can maintain myself in the interim (GAH, the pressure!!! Jackie, don't fail me!).

Have you gone to a BIG reunion year at your high school? How did everybody hold up over the years???

*I reserve the right to mention that nomination another 75 times, or at least until I get nominated for something else equally as prestigious.

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