Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kendra is a Single Mom?????

A few days ago I had a long wait to check out my groceries. I used to be one of those people who scoffed at how tacky it was to read magazines in line without purchasing them -- until I gave it a try that is. I am a very quick reader so I can breeze through the magazine before it is even necessary to put the grocery divider on the belt. Not to brag ;-)

I had seen headlines on the internets about Kendra Wilkinson's "split" and thought to myself, how could she have split from Hank when they have a relatively new reality show together?? I doubt they've really split. But then I came across a magazine with a headline to the effect, "Why I left Hank" and "I'm a single mom."

I don't watch her show, but was surprised that my high school buddy watches it. She was taking about how wild Kendra is. I know many of you also watch reality shows, so you can fill me in on the deets. I do know that Kendra was one of Hugh Heffner's babes along with Holly Madison and the other chick on The Girls Next Door and that she married Hank Baskett who is a football player. But do I really know that since I originally typed it as "Hank Bassett?" LOL.

Yet, as I started reading her definition of being a "Single Mom," it was puzzling as according to her definition, it just meant that she moved back to LA while he continues to play football on the east coast. They are still a couple. It's just that she wanted to be close to her family and preferred the LA lifestyle. Was this so earth shattering that it merited a cover story???

And according to Kendra, it so hard for her to be a single mom.

Wah, Wah, Wah.....I find it hard to be sympathetic -- after all she made millions from her "oscar worthy performance," probably pocketed an additional million from being the featured cover story, and the fact that SHE IS STILL MARRIED....

How is that being a "single mom?"

Oh, but she did add that she sends Hank "naughty pictures" so that things are really hot when they do meet up. That is good to know.

[caption id="attachment_3693" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Kendra - The Single Mom"][/caption]

P.S. Have you heard that Karina Smirnoff from DWTS is engaged again. This blog is a mecca of useless info today!!!!

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