Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boy, Do I Feel Like a Sucker!

Who spent the last hour and a half trying to win free prizes in Dr. Oz's Watch and Win promo and came home completely empty-handed, partially because she didn't realize some of the prizes did not have big banner spots that you needed to click on to enter. *sheepishly raises hand* (The other part of the "partially" being that at least 3 million other people were trying to do the same??? )

I finally just one minute ago was able to fill out the form to win some free Krill Oil -----> yes, I said Krill Oil. By this point all of the other cool prizes such as a free pair of Sketchers, a Night's Stay at the Holiday Inn and a $50 Target giftcard had already been claimed.

Well, there's an hour and a half of my life that I could have spent answering blog comments. DOH!!!

How did you spend the last hour and a half???? Someone has GOT to be bold enough to admit they were doing the same. MAN UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

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