Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bloggers: Will You Be Un-Married?

I was shocked to read that a fairly well known blogger is getting *gasp* separated from her husband, who has been frequently featured in photos on her blog in the past.

In the post where she revealed she had been separated, she wrote that they are joining the ranks of the "unmarried," couples who remain married but live in different places.

Since I started blogging 2 and a half years ago, I have seen several relationships bite the dust and couldn't help wondering if there is something about blogging that makes bloggers more likely to divorce. As I scanned the comments section of her post, someone else was thinking along the same lines as me.

There is also a young couple married not much longer than a year who I recently read are living separately by choice, what she refers to as Living Apart Together- (abbreviation: LAT) according to Wiki, a term for couples who, while committed to each other, decide to have separate homes rather than one shared residence.

Is it merely a reflection of society in general - or inherent to blogging? What do you think of the "unmarried" trend in general?

I’m sure it has some advantages, who doesn’t want a little lot of peace and quiet every now and then. Until something breaks. I did not say that. I can fix stuff ;-)

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