Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being First for Her Firstness

Did you see this video about the woman who has been waiting in line since Monday (or Tuesday) so she would be first for the Black Friday sale?

It is so moronic it is worth a view. Does she not have anything else do do the entire week???

Waiting in line for over a day - possibly even over an hour (unless I'm at the DMV) is something you will never catch me doing. I take that back. I did wait in line for over 5 hours when I had bronchitis during my "Country Phase" to purchase Garth Brooks tickets :D

But on Friday you can bet I will be at home doing something that starts with an 'S.' As in SLEEPING!!!! Get your heads out of the gutter ;-)

Are you planning on heading out into the craziness for Black Friday shopping?

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