Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reason Nos. 202 & 203 Not to Alert People You are Going on an Interview

Reason #202: When you mention possibly leaving your job off-the-cuff when picking your son up from soccer game and bumping into former neighbor, she will try to get your current job by saying she needs a part-time job and telling you flat out she wants your job.

Reason #203: When attending the group interview - you will notice that many of the other interviewees are highly qualified and knowledgeable to the point of knowing the molecular structure of a jacket!!!! (or some such thing that sounded like that). You will come across as personable and creative (in an environment where creativity is not required), yet unknowledgeable and may not get the job!! Current odds: 6/20.

Then you will need to hide from people you told about the interview, including invisible friends, out of embarrassment that they may ask how said interview went.

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