Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pretty People to the Front of the Line, Please!

So yesterday I took a short belly dance workshop. Yes, I'm still at it!! Can't say I've improved much, but still at it nonetheless.

I also find I am getting more paranoid writing this kind of post and may need to start an obscure anonymous blog at some point in the future...

The workshop was on Indian style dance. As part of the choreography, we had to all line up one in front of each other- to do snake style arms at different heights. I'm sure you've seen this move before. It is really a cool effect.

There was a girl who is from another dance location of the same place I attend - who has danced in many of the shows. She is very pretty with long hair. The type of girl who adjusts her top just so and looks in the mirror to make sure she is still looking perfect. Well, there we were lining up - which is usually done by height. I was near the back even though I am not that tall - (I seriously don't mind being hidden) - We lined up on our own. Well, the instructor goes to near the front of the line where the pretty dancer is - she was about 4 people back because she is fairly tall -- and plucks her out to put her in front of everyone else!! Chances are that several of the shorter dancers who were now behind her could no longer be seen.

She is a good dancer, but I'm sure many of the others who were in front of her could have handled leading us in the simple, simple move.

I've joked with my friends before about how the same young pretties are usually placed in the front row of every show we do. It is fairly obvious...

Life is so much easier when you are born with good genes :-)

I just like to sit back and observe and have a nice chuckle (in my head). Have you ever attended a class or been out somewhere where the person with the good genes trumps everyone else???

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