Saturday, October 23, 2010

Out of Proportion

In a startling revelation, MB has pointed out that my lips are much too small in proportion to the rest of my face.  It is good he did so, because it's not like I have any other hangups about my looks or anything ;-) He also joked about his "invisi-lips" so his observations were not solely directed at me...

Yet, I must give him props because it does appear he is correct.  Take a peek at this recent photo.  I'd better explain the pose first.  This is the look I give the boys when they are messing with me.  It is very intimidating as you can see:

[caption id="attachment_3536" align="aligncenter" width="369" caption="Small Lips Sink Tiny Ships"][/caption]

You know what else is out of proportion?? My last blog post! Reading it over again I'm not sure it accurately conveyed the right tone or meaning. My main concern was that my boss would now be reading my blog (because you know my blog is all that and he has nothing else on his mind ;-) ). I just don't want another person who knows me IRL getting into my bidness.

I am not in danger of being fired - was just concerned that my boss might discover I'd been out job hunting...To my credit, I made a substantial sale this week, meaning one with more than two zeros at the end. He may not realize it, but I am a valuable employee, and I'm good enough and smart enough and doggone it, the customers like me. Fact.

But that still doesn't mean I can get hired for seasonal job in essentially a glorified cashier position :D Me, Bitter? NAH.....

Anyway, please take my blog posts with a grain of salt lately, as I am up and down and all over the place emotionally these days. Thank you for all your supportive comments!!! xxoo

P.S. MB was just napping and I was talking to him - after the third question, he said to me OMG Shut UP!!!  See, even though my mouth is little, I can make big annoying sounds :D

P.P.S. If my Harley riding sister in dance doesn't flake out on me, we are headed somewhere unusual tonight. I'll see if we can take some photos of us in action.   :-O  [update since one person read my post already: this is looking unlikely]

P.P.P.S. A healthy feed = yes, indeed!!!!

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