Friday, October 22, 2010

It's official!!

I received my official "rejection email" yesterday..."After careful consideration of all candidates, we have made the decision to move forward with other applicants who are a closer match for this specific role."

The rejection comes after a phone interview, 2 hour group interview and recommendation from a friend who works there (um yeah- awwwwkward!).

Part of the reason may have been that I did not fit the mold. The managers who conducted the group interview (3 of whom were women) were not wearing makeup and were much more earthy, rugged and outdoorsy than yours truly. What can I say? I like my makeup :D I did my best to look earthy dressing in khakis and a brown sweater, but it may not have been enough.

Another part of the reason, of course, is that I suck at interviewing.

To be honest, this is a bit of a blow to my ego. To not be able to land a seasonal job!!! Doing something I've been doing for years - OUCH!!

And now to have to sheepishly go back to my job thinking I may be stuck there for several more months - UGH!!

I really want to be my OWN boss. Tired of bosses :-( Coming up with a plan...

Oh, and remember my last post: Here is the quote my instructor has on her wall: "When you learn to distinguish between the container and the contents, you will have attained wisdom" Does that not apply to pretty dancers???? ;-)

Have you ever gotten rejected for a seasonal job???? Please say yes so I don't feel so pitiful :D

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