Friday, October 22, 2010

I Cannot Believe This and I Made A Big Boo-Boo

I spent several hours last night creating a new blog (it really wasn't several - but that sounds a lot more impressive than saying 'a few seconds') - yet, now it appears my feed is updating! Feedburner, why do you taunt me like this!!!!! Thanks to all of you who alerted me....

It is with mixed feelings that I continue to blog here, as I made a HUGE mistake yesterday. I was at work and the window guy had arrived and was cleaning the outside windows. About 5 minutes after he started, the door opened and I assumed it was him coming in to hand me the receipt to sign. I turned around quickly and neglected to minimize my computer screen.

Wellllllllll, it wasn't the window guy; he was still outside washing the windows. It was my boss!!!!!!! I glanced over at my screen and figured the screensaver would come on at any second, but then my boss walked around the counter and stared right at my computer. My Twitter page was up. I have no idea if he was able to see my screen name!!! Which would of course have led him to my blog. I know he was trying to find it. He took a few seconds to stare right at the screen. Luckily I had changed the colors of the sidebar so it didn't stick out, but if he is familiar with Twitter he would have known right away where to look. (Let's just say if you follow me on twitter you will no longer recognize my account.)

I swear I am DOOMED.

Do I continue to blog here assuming he did not make the connection, or do I continue to attempt to import my former blog to the super secret new one I created - the posts have literally been importing all night 8+ hours - is that normal?? I have no idea if it is really working or not.

I will never know if my boss has uncovered my blog and that right there may be reason enough to make the change.

Maybe I need to leave him a message here so that I will know for certain:

Boss, if you are reading this - go ahead and fire me. I don't care.

How is your week going??

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