Friday, October 8, 2010

He Raises a Good Point

Another little thing that I waste a ton of time on is reading the comments under news articles.  Does anybody else do that??  I will seriously page through comments sometimes.  (Geez, carma barely visits our blogs lately yet she has time to page through comments - the noive!)   And since I'm back on the "I need a career" quest, when I saw this headline on Yahoo! Finance a while ago: Fastest Growing Jobs in America, I had to immediately click on it, even though I've ready about 20 such articles and they always say the same thing, basically, Nursing and Technology and other useful stuff that doesn't interest me.

Then I migrated down to the comments and almost laughed out loud when I saw this one:

"If you want a sure fire job, go into prostitution. While there are some negatives, you have to be physically present, so for the time being, they can't send that one off to India (not yet at least)."

Dude has a point!!!  Do you think they have a program for that at the local community college??  Guessing it would be an A.S.S. Degree (just thought that one up -- *pats self on back*) Fridays are always a good day for sophomoric humor :D

Have a good weekend everybody.

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