Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fine. Here's the Post: One and a Half Normal and One Very Troubled Man

If you are a gossip monger like me ;-) you have probably already read the report of Charlie Sheen's latest skirmish - being hospitalized after running around naked and intoxicated (now I understand his rep is saying it was a "drug reaction" - color me skeptical) in his NYC hotel.

I've been reading some of the comments under articles about the episode (you know I like to do that), and some have been very cruel and judgmental.

Waging an ongoing battle with my own issues (anxiety, not alcohol) there is nothing more frustrating than those who suggest I just need to get over it since I know what needs to be done or that I need to do this this this as they have been telling me for years and that if I had done this this this I would have been "cured" years ago and suggest that I am just not trying hard enough.

My response: Do you think I really like to live like this?? Do you think I would choose to live like this? Often plagued by guilt, fear, sadness, afraid to ever let my guard down? It is very easy for others to play "armchair quarterback."

Although I hide it very very well, and have built a relatively successful life, it is a truly sucky way to live.

To those who mock Charlie and say that he needs to "grow up," I say, "Do you think he really wants to live like that - having the world know that he was running around a swanky hotel naked and acting out of control with his two young children in a room nearby?" I doubt he wants to live that way. He needs help, not condemnation.

If it is so easy (from an outsider's point of view) to be normal, we'd all be normal!! And calm and relaxed. Sometimes it is easier said than done. she slowly hits the "publish" button....

P.S. I finally watched Glee for the first time after hearing all the hype for months. Maybe it wasn't one of the better episodes, because besides the cameos by Meatloaf and Barry Bostwick, it was as eminem says, "eh" - and didn't hold my attention...was it an "off" night?

Disclaimer: I am not neurotic despite what you may have inferred from this post. oooops! strike that. I have just read the definition of neurotic: "A person prone to excessive anxiety and emotional upset." Did not need to read that. Believe it or not, most days I appear extremely calm, almost comatose :D it's the other days....

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