Monday, October 25, 2010

$500+ Worth of Makeup? That's Crazy!

I've been wanting to post a photo of my recent "makeover." Since the photo in the last post was not exactly a stellar example, here's a picture that was taken that same day. It was about 2 hours after my spur of the moment Laura Mercier makeover at Nordstrom.

Here's a better photo:


It's times like these when I feel that it would be nice to have one of those fancy cameras that the pro bloggers use that do not distort features when taking close up photos...with my cybershot, anything closer than 6 feet away results in a weird look...something just short of Sarah Jessica Parker's long lost cousin :D

Anyway, we were strolling through Nordstrom a few weeks ago and I noticed rows of chairs set up and that each of their makeup vendors was doing free makeovers. "Free" being the operative word, since we all know that a "free makeover" is never free!!! Since I like Laura Mercier products, I selected that chair and signed up for a makeover.

Here's what the traveling LM expert used:

1. light oil
2. light h2o spritz
3. flawless face cream
4. foundation
5. concealer
6. finishing powder
7. eyeshadow background
8. eyeshadow 1
9. eyeshadow 2
10. black eyeliner
11. turquoise eye pencil
12. mascara
13. cheek colour
14. lip pencil
15. lip colour
16. lip glace
17. special sponge

A very conservative estimate of all the products she used is $500.

It would be hard to imagine even remembering that entire sequence of makeup - and seriously most women barely have 39 seconds to put on makeup in the mornings. I ended up only purchasing two products, which of course made me feel guilty. I know that is silly. Have you ever had one of these "free makeovers" and gotten roped into purchasing even more?

Do I look any different with $500+ worth of product vs. $50 (on a good day)???

I will say that I stopped at the grocery store and bumped into one of my neighbors there who remarked how great my makeup looked. Although now that I think about it, is the goal for people to compliment our makeup - or to think we look great but are left wondering why?

P.S. If you have any suggestions as to how to work with my little 'ole camera to prevent distortion on closeups, I'm all ears....

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