Thursday, September 30, 2010


All's still quiet on the work front....In about an hour VC will be doing a short (very short- as in most likely "seconds")  appearance on one of our local TV news stations. It is a promo for the upcoming Renaissance Festival.  [update, he called on the way home and he was actually on for several minutes!!]

I agonized over this since (a) he had to be taken out of school and (b) I knew that if I took a day off I would be pegged as "unreliable."

Luckily MB was able to leave his job for a short time to get him there and back. I would have loved to have seen him live at the studio, but instead I sit here bracing myself for the next potential unfounded "character assassination." It's very ironic that my part-time job is starting to have this much control over my life. Must cut and run soon!!!!

Here's a photo of VC performing at the RenFest last year...

[caption id="attachment_3383" align="aligncenter" width="415" caption="It's RenFest Time!!"][/caption]

I'll have to head on over to our neighbor's house after work so I can see what I missed.

Have you ever had a part-time job that your bosses treated as a "full time job?"

P.S. Thank you for all  your kind words :-)

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