Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Preparation for Tomorrow

I was out grocery shopping while VC attended his fitness class tonight. (He is still determined to do a back flip unassisted.) Subliminally thinking of tomorrow, my first day back at work since the verbal beating I took last week, I was perusing the freezer section when I came across just the thing to cheer me up: Mini Waffles!!!! I've not had a mini waffle in over a year. Depressed as I am about the situation, I figured the only thing that would prep me for tomorrow was a sugar high tonight. Three waffles loaded up with margarine and syrup, and I am seriously in a better mood. Heck, I'm even writing this unplanned blog post!! Stay tuned: Tomorrow I will either:

(A) Get Fired (could I be that f*ing lucky???)
(B) Quit
(C) Fly under the radar and answer blog comments and emails most of the day
(D) Crack under the pressure and be hauled off to a mental institution where I can relax in peace for a few days

At this point, Option D is very appealing.

editor's note: I just realized they may not be actual "mini waffles" as the ones I consumed were about 4" in diameter and the box was simply labeled "buttermilk waffles." I think the mini waffles are the teeny tiny ones...

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