Sunday, September 12, 2010

Come Settle This Debate

I was fishing through my purse and came across a fortune that I had saved for VC from our visit to the Chinese buffet.  (scale avoidance is recommended for 36 hrs following a visit).  We have a spot on the refrigerator where we collect fortunes that are really, really good in case they come true.

So I told VC I needed to remember to put it there.  He said that wasn't necessary since his lucky number was not on the back.

But, c'mon - it doesn't get much better than this fortune:


Even if his lucky number was not on the back:


My theory has always been that the numbers on the back are your new lucky numbers, ones that you might want to use, say, on a Powerball ticket purchase that week and that they have nothing to do with whether the fortune will come true.

What do you think? If the lucky number is not present, does that void the fortune??? *shakes head*

P.S. I am extra super giddy tonight, having set up my etsy store :) Squee!!

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