Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Belly Dance Smackdown - A New One!!!!

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unrelated: I just got a spam comment from "custom rims":  Pimp.  (that was it) How very thought provoking!

And, soccer, what soccer?  I've got some belly dance news!!!

Nah, I won't keep you hangin' on for the update on VC's first soccer game after 9 years.  He did well!  Not really, really well, but well for his first game, at least according to the coach.  After all, real life is rarely like the movies.  If it was I'd be writing that the coach put him in and he was a dynamo, racing across the field, running left and right, stealing the ball and eventually scoring the winning goal.  That did not happen.  But you know what, he is enjoying it and I have no doubt that with a little instruction that scene may unfold sometime in the near future.

After taking the summer off from my original belly dance class, I was back last week.  What I failed to mention in my previous Smackdown posts is that there is a belly dance diva in the new class that I moved up to a few months ago.  How fortuitous for my blogging!  I know!!

The class has dwindled to about 9 people.  Half of the group has been together for years, and then four of us newbies joined them.  The welcome mat was never officially rolled out.

Anyshimmy, Belly Dance Diva dances with a ton of 'tude.  She always has to be upfront with the spotlight on her.  She extra extra shimmys and jiggles and tries her best smoldering looks.  (I have only one look, and it does not smolder).

We were discussing props for our next tribal dance (which BDD picked out - since she has appointed herself class spokesperson).  She has been dying to do some sword dancing again.  The instructor said Fine. So BDD quickly picked out her little clique of dancers.

The rest of us newbies do not own swords.  As the teacher was explaining our other options:  baskets, flowers, fans or skirt dancing, my friend was contemplating whether or not to do the sword dancing too.

BDD keeps interjecting and turning around to tell us:  "The swords cost $200."  Then the teacher would talk some more and BDD would turn around and say "Plus shipping.  And you won't use them alot."  We discussed more.  Then BDD turns around again, "And if you get the case, that's another $25."

It was OBVIOUS that BDD did not want us doing sword dancing.  It was so obvious it was rude. Not to mention that money is not an object for my friend and she could easily buy a sword tomorrow.

The instructor asked us to think about it and to send her an email with our preferences.  I emailed that I would go with the fan or skirt dancing, and snarkily added:

["Besides, [BDD] was sure trying to convince us not to get a sword.  Probably doesn't want us ruining the show ;-)"]

Yeah, I'm getting a lot more ballsy in my old age....I BCC'd my buddy on the email and she sends me back this message:


But it really didn't matter because the instructor knows BDD is a diva, especially since she wrote me back and in the middle of the paragraph typed:  "(Ignore her by the way)"  I seriously LOL'd.

Does any of this make sense-- or is it one of those "you gotta be there" jokes???

I'm thrilled to have some new Smackdown action!!

*I have been working on this post for over an hour.  I've been getting interrupted first with a request from the newspaper (and not the itty bitty town one- the biggie regional one!) to interview VC about his performing at RenFest and then from a school requesting he perform for Fairytale day.  I swear he needs a manager!!!!*  No wonder I'm worn down and poppin' the Zicam.

I do not mention this by way of bragging.  But hey, if we can't brag about our kids on the blog, where can we brag ;-)

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