Saturday, August 28, 2010

God, I'm Fun to Live With

Since I've been noticing a pattern lately, a pattern of people not reading blogs, I've decided I'm just going to post whatever comes to mind instead of planning things out, which will most likely include some of my (I've been told) annoying habits.

This morning I decided it was time to check everybody's tires for proper inflation, including the bicycle and unicycle :D since VC had already let me know those were low...(he no longer uses my hand pump since it is finicky and he ruined two tires trying to remove the nozzle)

However, on the Element, the wheel caps are such that it is impossible to use my handy dandy hand pump which I've used for years and permitted me to handle my own tire inflation. Now I need to rely on MB to use his portable air tank.

So, I went out to the garage to check my tires only to notice they were all LOW!!!!! I have a penchant for proper tire inflation so I check them every few weeks.

This drives MB absolutely CR-A-ZY!!!!! His actual quote from this morning: "People have their own pet peeves in a marriage, and your's is proper tire inflation. I never even bothered with that until I met you." (said with tone of deep disgust)


I've seen way too many Dateline shows demonstrating the lack of handling that occurs when tires are even slightly underinflated, not to mention the increased stopping time. It is the equivalent of driving drunk around the obstacle course.

Anyway, since he could care less, I check his tires for him regularly!!! All he needs to do is fill (with his air tank) the low ones that I find with the pressure gauge.

Let me see a show of hands if you check your husband's tire inflation on a regular basis.

I thought not.

MB should be so lucky as to have such a diligent wife ;-) I could use a wife like me :-)

Hey, I'm really liking this type of post where I come out smelling like roses!! Note to self: Do more of them.

P.S. I've been spending less time on the computer due to a bad carpal tunnel flare up due to addressing 700+ invites at work this past week, which is why you may not be seeing me as often.

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