Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Since Katy Perry's "California Gurls" Plays on All 3 Local Stations Simultaneously Every 3 Minutes

....since several of you inquired about VC's fire juggling. (Fire juggling is an essential skill for 14 year olds. ;-) )

....since I am being featured on Mocha Dad's blog today!!! (Please head on over and show him some love! )

...and especially since I haven't posted a video of VC jugging in at least 3 months, I figured no one would object...

VC edits and choreographs to the music all on his own. Here's his latest creation:

[caption id="attachment_2538" align="aligncenter" width="323" caption="Another Floydfest Photo"][/caption]

Health Update: The endocrinologist confirmed the diagnosis of Hashimoto's...Then he scoffed (or maybe it was more like a "polite chuckle") when I mentioned my research on being able to control the progression of the disease with diet alone...BAH! I shall not be deterred in my quest to avoid taking medication for the rest of my life....I'll keep ya posted!

He did some additional labwork, and when I called today to get the results, the nurse seriously pulled up my chart and then told me that the results had been mailed out this morning so I would need to wait to receive them. She had the results RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. I'm strongly beginning to question this new practice. No wonder the U.S. healthcare system is going down the crapper!!!!!

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