Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lesson Learned

Yesterday I had the quickest interview in recorded history. I arrived. Waited 5 minutes and then the guy who was also named "VC" came out to interview me. Outside. It was 7:30 PM in the South.

If you haven't already noticed, I have blindingly white skin so I cringed knowing I would be eaten alive. (It was an inner-cringe-outside- happy- interview- face kinda thing)

He asked me all the standard questions. I inwardly cringed again when he got to the part about cleaning bathrooms. But I confess that I then outwardly cringed when he told me the salary was minimum wage and that they are not permitted to go above it. (I found that surprising since it is more of an "upscale" location.)

I was home by 7:38 PM. BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME. EVER.

Yet, it did cause me to appreciate my job more than I have over the previous three and a half years so it wasn't all bad.


Be nice if they had posted the "salary" on the job listing. It's a good this blog is so darn lucrative ;-)

I am not a prima donna by any stretch of the imagination, but cleaning bathrooms and making minimum wage, I think I can do a teensy bit better than that....He's supposed to call next week after he makes his final decision, as there are several candidates. Hopefully they will enjoy cleaning the bathrooms.

Disclaimer: I am not criticizing those who clean bathrooms. I clean two and a half baths each week. Sometimes I even clean the one in the man cave. Now who's the brave one???

How long was your shortest interview?

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